3 Reasons Why to Open an Online Bookmaker Account

If you do not have an online bookmaker account yet, or if you have ever pondered the question – “Why open an online sportsbook / bookmaker account?” Read right on, opening an online bookmaker account has many benefits, the primary reasons we will cover below.

Why Open an Online Bookmaker Account

open bookmaker account its exciting to bet on sport1. It Makes Sports More Exciting.

Sure it’s fun watching your local team play, but when you are competing to win and have a stake or “investment” in the match it quadruples the fun!

Furthermore, and perhaps one of the best reasons, is that the excitement and adrenaline is not only limited to the team you support.

If you open a bookmaker account and make a bet on a match where your team is not playing in you will find the excitement and the “rush” is still there, despite your own team not playing.

Here is an example: Imagine you are a Sydney Roosters supporter in the NRL, however, you believe the Brisbane Broncos will win against the Bulldogs and thus, make a bet on the Broncos.

Despite your beloved Roosters not playing, in the match, you will find, you will enjoy the above mentioned match just as much as you would enjoy a match where your team is playing in.

Thus, one of the primary reasons to open a bookmaker account is that it puts the excitement back in sport (it doubles the fun) and turns what often would be, a match where one would not have shown much interest in, into an exciting, adrenaline fuelled match.

sportsbook-winner-rugby2. You never know you just might get lucky.

To open a bookmaker account doesn’t only mean, it will make sport more exciting for you. No! There are plenty of other reasons to open a sportsbook account, another primary reason is that you might get lucky and win some serious money.

Consider this you are watching the NRL or Super Rugby tournament, whichever code you prefer, a round usually has 6 to 8 matches. Imagine you make a parlay bet. A parlay bet is a bet which consists of a number of selections all of which have to win for your bet to win. A parlay bet can consist of 2-20+ matches (see image below for an example)

So you support Super Rugby, let’s imagine the current round has 7-matches, you select the 7 teams which you think will win in the round, thus making a parlay bet. If all 7 of those teams win, your parlay bet wins which usually equate to some serious money being paid out.

Side note: For those new to gambling: you don’t have to make a parlay bet on all the matches in the round you can make a selection on 2 or 3 or 4 matches, it is really up to you.

If you enjoy both Rugby League and Rugby Union, you can combine NRL and Super Rugby bets into one parlay bet (see our betting tutorials page for more.)

open bookmaker account bet from home3. Bet in the Comfort of your Own Home

Have you ever visited your local high street sportsbook on match day? The lines (queues) can get ridiculously long and the waiting time even longer!

Why do all the effort to make a trip to a brick and mortar bookmaker, when you can simply sit at home, and with a click of a few buttons place your bet, from the comfort of your own home?

Online bookmakers and sportsbooks, in 90% of the cases operates under the same name as your local brick and mortar bookmaker and is simply an extension of it.

Example: William Hill beside from having a physical presence, also has an online version, same with Ladbrokes, Coral and countless other bookmakers.

As an added bonus – since the online version of the bookmaker doesn’t carry as much operating costs, compared to the physical bookmaker (i.e. online bookmakers employ less personnel, doesn’t have to pay rent etc.)

Online bookmakers / sportsbooks more often than not provide their online users with better odds, signup bonuses and loyalty programs, to encourage users to rather bet online.

Recommended Sportsbooks to open an online Account With:

Some of the Bookmakers listed below both have a physical storefront and an online version, they are 100% safe and secure, accepts a wide array of deposit methods (see our different deposit methods post for more info) and are some of the biggest brands in the world!

Below follows a list of recommended bookmakers and their signup bonus, simply select one and click to open an account to get started in under 5-minutes.

Recommended Bookmakers

Bookmaker / SportsbookSignup BonusRatingRestricted TerritoriesClaim Bonus
BetVictor Online Sportsbook£25 Free BetHighly Recommended (*****)NoneGet Bonus
Bet365 Sportsbook100% Matching Deposit Welcome BonusHighly Recommended (*****)South AfricaGet Bonus
William Hill Online SportsbookBet £10 Get £20Highly Recommended (*****)South AfricaGet Bonus
Marathonbet Online Sportsbook£20 Matched BetRecommended
( ****)
NoneGet Bonus
888Sport Online SportsbookTreble Odds on 1st BetRecommended
NoneGet Bonus

You now have the knowledge as to why one would want to open an online sportsbook, and above you can find some of the best online bookmakers in the world, with superb signup bonuses. All that’s left to do is for you to select one of the above bookies, open an account and claim your bonus.

Good luck with your bets

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