Different Deposit Methods for Online Bookmaker Accounts

The team at Rugby Betting have received a number of questions over recent weeks, especially from South African rugby bettors who would like to open an online sportsbook account but:

  1. Either they don’t have a credit card or debit card supporting online transactions
  2. Their bank blocks betting transactions to foreign bookmakers and sportsbooks
  3. They prefer not to use their credit/debit card online due to them wanting to stay anonymous and/or over safety concerns

The above questions lead us to roll out this betting tutorial focusing on different deposit methods, which deposit methods you can use to fund bookmaker accounts for rugby betting and other sports, and what are the pro’s & cons of each of the different deposit methods.

This is rugby betting’s tutorial on different deposit options available for online gambling.


Credit / Debit Card: Let it be said first and foremost this is one of the simplest and most convenient ways to fund your bookmaker account simply because all bookmakers support credit card facilities.


Your funds will reflect instantly into your bookmaker / sportsbook account. There is no transactional cost, i.e.all transactional cost for both deposit and / or withdrawals get carried by the bookmaker.

Negatives: Not everyone likes to use their credit card.

Is it secure to use your credit card for online gambling?

Yes, very much so. All the bookmakers featured on rugby betting are some of the largest and most reputable brands in the world. With 128-bit encryption techniques, 2-factor authentication, and being subjected to quarterly security audits by European and Australasian gambling authorities, only being some of the techniques employed by the bookmakers featured on rugby betting, you can rest assured your deposit is 100% safe and secure.

Is it anonymous?

Well this largely depends on who you want the transaction to be anonymous from? Your bank will know it was a transaction made to a bookmaker although this will have absolutely no effect on credit rating or your position with the bank.

On the other side, your partner (wife / husband) looking at your financial statements may not necessarily notice a transaction to a betting / gambling website, since the bookmakers full name does not always gets displayed on the statement. Example: a BetVictor deposit / withdrawal will show as BV Ltd on your bank statement. Often the group the bookmaker is trading under, rather than the actual bookmaker name will get displayed.


With all things being equal, if in anyway possible, using a debit and or credit card is still the simplest and cheapest option to fund your online bookmaker account. Although there are some great alternatives (covered below)

different deposit methods to fund online gambling accountEntroPay

What is EntroPay?

EntroPay is a virtual visa card, this simply means that if your country of residence, blocks gambling transactions on your Credit / Debit card or you would not like to use your credit / debit card to make deposits to your bookmaker account, EntroPay acts as a proxy payment server which you can use to fund your bookmaker account.

Positives for using EntroPay as a payment method to fund your bookmaker account?

The main positives for using EntroPay as a payment solution for gambling activities is that it allows users whose bank blocks gambling transactions, to gamble online, by using Entropay’s virtual visa card.

Furthermore, EntroPay prevents users from spending more than they can afford since the amount uploaded to EntroPay is the amount you can deposit, i.e. it is a cash card, preventing you to gamble on credit.

Another big positive of using EntroPay as a deposit method is the fact that it is almost completely anonymous to track your gambling activities, your bank, and / or anyone else viewing your financial statements will see the transaction as ENT PTLY LTD

How to fund your EntroPay Virtual Visa Account for gambling?

Funding your EntroPay visa card is very simple. First and foremost you will need to visit www.entropay.com to open an account. A virtual visa card will then be created for you.

The user now simply makes a deposit to his EntroPay card via his own credit / debit card, the funds will reflect instantly on your EntroPay virtual visa card.

Alternatively, a direct cash deposit can be made into your EntroPay account although this can take anywhere from 3-5 days to reflect on your EntroPay virtual card since it is an international cash deposit and needs to get processed manually.

Negatives of using EntroPay?

EntroPay provides a great service, however, they are a business and like all businesses need to make a profit. Every deposit you make into your EntroPay account is subjected to a 10% charge from EntroPay. Thus, if you deposit $10 into your EntroPay account the total charge will be $11 (your deposit amount of $10 + $1 EntroPay, 10% service charge on deposit amount.)

Pre-Requisites for opening an EntroPay account?

There is absolutely no prerequisite to opening an EntroPay account, no credit checks or other lengthy processes are required, registration takes less than a minute.
Is it safe and secure to use EntroPay? Using EntroPay is 100% safe & secure. EntroPay is basically an online bank thus, using EntroPay is just as safe as using your online banking facility offered by your bank. Making use of a https connection, 128-bit authentication which has never been cracked and will take the best computer in the world approximately 120 years to crack according to Wikipedia, if that is not enough EntroPay is enrolled in a verified by visa program, meaning for every EntroPay transaction you will first get an SMS on your mobile phone, to ask whether you want to confirm or decline the transaction.

different deposit methods for bookmakersMaking a deposit to online gambling account / bookmaker account using EntroPay?

Once your EntroPay card is funded you proceed to make a deposit into your bookmaker account just like you would using a regular credit card.

When logged on to your online bookmaker account, go to “My Account” click deposit, a list of deposit methods will appear, either click Entropay  and enter your entropay card number, expiry date and CVV number.


Bookmakers / Sportsbooks accepting EntroPay?

Currently, the following bookmakers accepts EntroPay:

Withdrawing money from you EntroPay account:

Withdrawing money from your EntroPay card is easy. You can withdraw money from your EntroPay account to any bank account around the world.

To make a withdrawal from your EntroPay account simply login to your EntroPay account, click withdraw and enter the amount you wish to withdraw, it will usually take between 3-5 business days for funds to reflect into your bank account.


Using PayPal to fund your online gambling account.

Sadly, PayPal has changed its stance on gambling over the recent years. Where users once could easily make deposits into their online bookmaker account via PayPal these days PayPal blocks gambling transactions in many countries, even where gambling is allowed.

Which PayPal countries allows for gambling transactions?

Currently, PayPal in the larger Europe area, including the UK, Ireland, and France allows funding to users gambling account through PayPal. PayPal Australia and New-Zealand also allows for gambling transactions, to SOME bookmakers, while PayPal South Africa and most other PayPal countries not mentioned above do not allow gambling transactions.

Which Online Bookmakers / Sportsbooks accepts PayPal?

At the time of writing the most popular and some of the only online gambling websites accepting PayPal as a deposit / withdrawal method is, William Hill Europe, BetVictor, BetFair, 888Sport, Paddy Power and Bet365. However, it is again important to note countries in which PayPal allow gambling transactions (mentioned above)

funding online gambling account with paypalHow to Fund Your Online Bookmaker Account via PayPal:

Login to either one of the bookmakers mentioned above, or signup for an online bookmaker account if you do not yet have one (see our list of recommended online bookmakers) go to “My Account” and click “Deposit” a list of deposit methods will get displayed, click PayPal. You will then get redirected to PayPal’s website where you will be asked to enter your PayPal login details and choose the deposit amount, when completed, you will click “confirm” and get redirected to your online bookmakers account.

What are the advantages of using PayPal for gambling?

Beside from PayPal being one of the world’s most reputable companies and being 100% safe and secure, deposited funds will reflect in your online bookmaker account instantaneously. Furthermore, it is mostly anonymous when making deposits or withdrawals.

What are the disadvantages of using PayPal for gambling?

Beside from not all countries being supported by PayPal or that many online bookmakers accept it as a payment method, when withdrawing funds from your online bookmaker account, Paypal will charge a small transaction charge (typically between 2.5-5%) of total amount when money appears in your account.

How long does it take for online bookmakers to process Withdrawals / Deposits from PayPal?

Deposits are reflected instantly while withdrawals take 3-5 days to appear within your PayPal account.


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