How to Open an Online Sportsbook Account

How to open online bookmaker accountGambling on sports can be really exciting, to open an online bookmaker account is as easy as signing up for a Facebook account, it’s easy, quick, 100% safe & secure and takes less than 2-minutes to complete.

Unsure of what to do, or would you like more info on how to open an online sportsbook account for yourself? Here is what you do!

1 – How to find a Bookmaker which suits your needs / requirements.

This is the 1st and most important step. You need to find a bookmaker / sportsbook which suits your needs and style of gambling, also consider your country of residence since some bookmakers do not allow players from certain territories.

When looking for a bookmaker some things to consider is:

(Note you can see all points mentioned  below on our Bookmaker Review Page)

  • Sign up Bonus – Is a signup bonus important for you? If, yes needless to say you want to find a bookmaker which offers the best signup bonus.
  • Reputation & Reviews – Needless to say when you are going to deposit your hard earned money into a bookmaker account, you want to know it is in safe hands, and you are making a deposit to an accredited and well respected bookmakers / sportsbook.
  • Accepted Deposit Methods – All bookmakers accept credit / debit cards but not all bookmakers accept, PayPal or Skrill as an example, have a look as to which payment methods the bookmaker accepts. (See our different deposit methods page for more info)
  • Country of residence – As mentioned in the introduction of step 1, certain sportsbooks only allow players from certain nationalities. As a general rule of thumb, you can use the following table below to see which bookmaker allows / forbids you to sign up for an account, based on your country of residence.

Best Bookmakers To OPen An Account With

(New-Zealand & Australia)
United KingdomSouth Africa
BetStarWilliam Hill EuropeMarathonBet
(Also open to the UK, & Australasia)
(Also open to UK & Australasia)
William Hill AustraliaLadbrokes UKBetVictor
(Also open to UK & Australasia)
Ladbrokes AustraliaBetFair

We would like to conclude step 1, on how to open an online sportsbook / bookmaker account by saying if you find more than one bookie which satisfies your needs, by all means do go ahead and open more than 1 account. Opening an account is completely free so you have nothing to lose! Why would someone have more than one bookmaker account, you would wonder?

Simple, for certain sporting events the odds often differ (quite a lot) from bookmaker to bookmaker, by having more than one sportsbook account, will enable you to use a technique which is known as line-shopping (in a nutshell line shopping enables you to find the best odds for an event, resulting in the biggest return on your money. See our line shopping tutorial for more.)

2 – How to register for an online sportsbook account.

So you have done your research, looked at our bookmaker review page, and have found a bookmaker(s) which meets all your requirements. What to do next? Simple, click on the link of the bookmaker you want to register with.

You will get redirected to the bookmaker’s homepage, simply click on register an account, which is usually located next to the “sign in” option.

A form will appear looking like any other registration form you would have encountered online in the past, simply fill in the required information.

Note: Your information is 100% confidential, so it is of utmost importance that you provide your correct information. Why? Sometimes, when you win big, a sportsbook will ask you to send them proof of address and identification, simply to protect you and ensures the funds gets paid to the correct person.

3 – How to make a deposit to an online bookmaker account.

After you have filled in the required information, mentioned above, a deposit form will appear, if you have ever bought something online, the deposit page would look very familiar to you.

(If you have registered for an account but did not make a deposit, just log in to your account, click deposit and follow the instructions below)

It will give you the option to choose your desired deposit method, and then simply ask you for your payment information.

Example: if you are using a credit card as a deposit method to your bookmaker account, it will ask you for your credit card number, the name displayed on card and CSV number.

When done, you click “Deposit” the bookmaker will verify your payment information and, boom…you have successfully made your first deposit into your sportsbook account!

4 – How to Make your First Online Bet with Your Bookmaker.

So you have found a sportsbook / bookmaker, registered for an account and made your fist deposit, now the fun starts!

  • From the navigation menu simply select the desired sport you wish to place a bet on. Example if you wish to bet on rugby, simply select rugby from the navigation menu.
  • After you have selected your desired sport – a page with all the different matches of your selected sport will be displayed. Simply click on the match you wish to place your bet on.
  • After you have clicked the match you wish to bet on the odds will be displayed for a straight win, and numerous other markets (markets meaning bet types, example, instead of betting on which team will win you can bet on by how many points your team will win with. These types of bets usually come with enhanced odds, meaning a higher payout for you, see our different bet types explained tutorial for more)
  • Click on which bet you want to make, the bet type on which you clicked will get displayed on your betslip, which is usually displayed at the right corner of the screen.

Next, you simply click how much money, which is in your bookmaker account you wish to place on your selected bet, and that’s it! You have just placed your first bet, congratulations.

Conclusion On Opening A Sportsbook / Bookmaker Account

We hope by reading this post it is clear to you how easy and effortless it is to open an online bookmaker account. There are many reasons to open a bookmaker account, not least of which is that it makes sport so much more exciting, plus you just might get lucky and win really big!

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