How to watch rugby online for free

free rugby streaming onlineWith so many rugby tournaments happening simultaneously around the world it can often be frustrating to find your local team is not being broadcasted, due to your local service provider rather opting to show, another rugby team, the so called more popular team / tournament, supposedly having higher viewing numbers.

Or perhaps you don’t have, or want to pay, for a subscription service, such as Sky Sports, Fox Sport or Super Sport.

Another frustrating situation can be if you reside in South Africa, Australia or New-Zealand you will find plenty of, your country of residence local rugby tournaments, including Super Rugby on the telly.

However, other countries domestic tournaments such as the ITM Cup, Currie Cup or Aviva Premiership hardly gets broadcasted if you do not reside in the country of the local competition.

Example: If you live in Australia and want to watch England’s domestic tournament, the Aviva Premiership, you simply won’t find an Australian broadcaster, broadcasting it.

Watch Free rugby online

So back to the post’s title how to watch rugby online for free?

The answer is really simple, sure you could make use of the increasing number of “free” streaming services online, however, they are often lagging, bad in quality, doesn’t broadcast all matches, streams often gets suspended halfway through the match due to broadcasting right complains. Assuming any of the above does not happen, a further drawback is it is  full of advertisements, and other malware. So you would want to skip this option.

Surely you would much rather want to enjoy your rugby match in crystal clear – high definition quality for free?

Streaming Rugby online through bookmakers / sportsbooks

Bookmakers and sportsbooks have exponentially started to increase live streaming events over the years, to their customers, free of charge (although a small pre-requisite applies mentioned below.)

Why would they do it? Simple, they know many people would often find themselves in the situations described above, and by offering live streaming services of rugby and other sports for free, they know they can potentially grow their customer base.

Thus, for the bookmaker and/or sportsbook (whichever word you prefer), it is worth the initial investment to pay for the broadcasting rights, to some of the tournaments mentioned above, in order for them to grow their customer base. Pretty simple stuff, right?

Here is what you do:

Simply open an account with one of the bookmakers listed below, you would have to make a one-time deposit of approximately $5-10 (depending on which bookmaker you make use of)  to your bookmaker account, in order to activate the live streaming service, however, it is well worth the small investment. Which enables you to watch your local team play, it is certainly much cheaper than pay per view!

As an added bonus the sportsbook will give you a generous signup bonus, and you get to enjoy the game, even more, knowing that you have a small wager on your team! It’s pretty much a win-win situation for all parties.

Now there are many articles on the internet about free live streaming events of rugby or other sports, you read the post, click on the link, go through the signup process – only to find that the match you watch is not really broadcasted.

Nothing is more frustrating than the above, trust us, we sympathise with you, and we have been through the process ourselves in the past.

Listed below is the best, most reputable, bookmakers / sportsbooks in the world, which offers live online streaming of rugby and / or other sports for free.

As an added bonus you can check their schedule before signing up. Alternatively, the team at rugby betting also posts weekly bookmaker rugby streaming schedules for you to view with only 1-click.

  • BET365 – “The King Of Live Streaming” renowned for streaming ALL NRL matches (Rugby League) and MANY domestic Rugby Union competitions, Aviva Premiership, Currie Cup etc.
  • UNIBET streams some Super Rugby matches, and it is definitely worth checking out their schedule, to see which Super Rugby matches they will be streaming.
  • William Hill – are also renowned for streaming an increasing number of both Rugby League and Rugby Union


So to recap you will be able to enjoy crystal clear HD streaming, of different – rugby union and rugby league tournaments from around the globe, regardless of where you reside by simply opening a sportsbook account from one of the mentioned bookmakers and making a small deposit of between $5-$10 and you will get a signup bonus on that!

Definitely worth checking out, if you are a die heart rugby supporter and find yourself in a situation where you can’t find your local team playing.

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