Opening BetVictor Account For South Africans

  • Are You South African & Want To Start Betting On Rugby OR ANY OTHER SPORT?
  • Do You Know Your Rugby & Believe You Can Make Regular Wins By Betting On Rugby OR Other Sports?
  • Would You like To Bet On Rugby At The Comfort Of Your Own Home?
  • Are You Sick & Tired Of The Many Mediocre South African Bookmakers

If you answered Yes To Any Of The Above Questions Then Read On:

If you enjoy rugby, or any sport for that matter, and have never placed an actual bet on it, you should seriously consider trying it. It makes the game so much more enjoyable, it can turn an average match which you have no interest in, into one of the most enjoyable matches you have ever witnessed.

Rugby Betting has gone to great lengths to find only the most reputable, safest and trusted bookmakers / sportsbooks which accept South African residents / citizens. We are pleased to announce as from today some of the world’s leading and most reputable bookmakers will allow South African users to come on board, open an account and start betting!

Open BetVictor Account & Receive a R250 Free Bet

BetVictor is one of the most trusted brands in the UK when it comes to online betting, regularly audited by numerous of the UK’s very strict gambling watchdogs, and computer scientists for safety and compliance regulations.

BetVictor now accepts South Africans, allowing you, the South African user, to bet on your favourite sport, or super rugby team. Registration is as easy as opening a facebook account, and what’s more BetVictor even allows South African citizens to gamble in their own currency (ZAR – South African Rand Offcourse)

Betvictor has a super, easy to use, user interface thus, placing a bet is incredibly easy and they cover each and every game of not only the Super Rugby tournament but also the Top14, Aviva premiership and yes the local Currie Cup.

Wait…there’s more they will even give you a signup bonus of approximately R200(ZAR) when you make your first deposit.

Just to make things super easy for you, we will include a step by step tutorial, of how to get started with BetVictor.

STEP 1: Visit (or simply click image to get taken straight to BetVictor page)

rugbybetting bookmaker reviews


  • Head on over to and click on the “Bookmaker Reviews” Page From the top navigation Bar.
  • Find BetVictor number 4 on the bookmaker review list and select click visit, do this to ensure you receive your signup bonus when opening your account.

Step 2: Open Betvictor Account

  • You will then get redirected to the following page, from BetVictor (seen below), don’t let the football background fool you, as mentioned above Betvictor has an extensive range of rugby betting options.

betvictor landing page

  • Now that you are on the BetVictor promotional landing page, it’s time to open your account. To open your account click the BIG GREEN BUTTON saying “BET NOW” which will redirect you to the signup page.

Step 3: Signing Up

As mentioned signing up for an account is as easy as opening any facebook or twitter account, below follows a complete explanation to guide you.

  • First You will get asked for your personal details, Why do you need to provide this? Firstly Betvictor makes use of a 128-bit encryption system so you can be assured your details are safe!!

The reason why you have to provide your personal & address details is that when you make  a deposit, BetVictor can compare your personal details against that of your deposit details to prevent fraud, making it safer for you, the user!


address details

  • Account details is what you will use when logging into your account, make sure to choose a username that you can remember and a safe and secure password.


  • Deposit Limits are optional, you can set it to unlimited meaning you have no deposit limit imposed on your account! Alternatively, you can set a daily or even weekly deposit limit as seen below, which will ensure you don’t spend more than you can afford.

deposit details

Step 4: Account Created

After You have filled in all your details above and clicked the green button “Create Account” (seen above) you will get redirected to the following screen, seen below.


You now have two options you can claim your signup bonus, provided by, or you can continue and make a regular deposit without electing to receive your signup bonus, but then again why would you not want to receive your signup bonus?

Regardless both buttons will take you to the same page shown below:

Step 5: My Account – How To Make a Deposit

After you have clicked “deposit”, or “opt in for the bonus” you will get redirected to “My Account” page (seen below), this is where you manage all aspects related to your account, and is also where you make a deposit into your betVictor account.

myaccount betvictor

As you can see by looking at the above image, as a South African resident you have 3 options to deposit money into your BetVictor account.

Deposit Options

  • Visa / Mastercard : The Best Option – You can use your Visa or Mastercard to make a deposit directly into your BetVictor account, this is perhaps the easiest method and funds will reflect in your account IMMEDIATELY, it should also be noted that the reference on your bank statement will be largely anonymous and will be displayed as BV.

Once again we would like to stress using your Bank Card to make a deposit is absolutely safe and 100% risk-free


  • Entropay: For those not having a debit /credit card which can be used for online purchases or perhaps don’t want to use their debit / credit card for online purchases, there is another alternative entropay.

You can visit and signup for an account free & instant –  Entropay will create a virtual visa card for you, which you can use at ALL merchants      accepting visa cards. Making a deposit via entropay in your BetVictor account, your funds         will show INSTANTLY and is 100% safe & secure

  • Bank Deposit – You can find BetVictors account details on their website, you will make a normal Bank Transfer like you do to any other account, as the reference you will put your BetVictor account number. THE ONLY DOWNSIDE TO THIS IS THAT IT WILL TAKE APROXAMITEALLY 3-5 WORK DAYS TO REFLECT IN YOUR ACCOUNT.


Withdrawing Money:

Withdrawing Money Is as easy as pie, you simply go to your account and click withdraw, the money will get withdrawn to the account you have made your last deposit with.

Thus, if you made a deposit with your VISA / MASTERCARD your withdrawal funds will get paid back into your VISA / MASTERCARD.

The Same goes for Entropay or Bank transfers

The Withdrawal timeframe with BetVictor is generally very quick and takes between 1-3 working days to show up into your account.

BetVictor has online chat support agents which can guide and assist you every step of the way, should you require help.


Contrary to popular believe signing up and making your first deposit is easy and DOES NOT cost a lot of money, the minimum deposit is only R70 (ZAR) plus you will receive your signup bonus fee which is approximately R200(ZAR) so by signing up for a BetVictor account and making a deposit of only R70(ZAR) you can have R270(ZAR) in your account

I will stress again, and I sincerely mean it, betting on sport is a lot of fun, it can make an exciting match even more exciting while it can turn a dull game into an exciting game.

If you think you really know your rugby you even have the potential to win some serious money.  You can even bet on horses, football cricket and any other sport you can think of!

Why not open an account today, or contact rugbybetting if you have any other questions.

Open BetVictor Account & Receive a R250 Free Bet


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