Popular Rugby Bet Types – Making Profitable Rugby Bets

This will be a tutorial covering different rugby betting types, where we will largely discuss some of the most popular rugby bet types and how it can be used to, hopefully, assist you (the reader) in growing your bankroll.

We will cover several methods in this rugby betting tutorial, the method (betting type) you should use will largely depend on your gambling style.

Since the Super Rugby Tournament is currently in progress (at the time of writing) we will use the Super Rugby tournament in most of our examples from here on in, however, you can use the betting systems explained in this rugby tutorial with any tournament.

So without further redue here is our rugby betting tutorial

Chasing small odds with big stakes.

One of our favourite, and most profitable, rugby betting styles is chasing small odds with large stakes.

The only prerequisite for this tutorial is that you will need  rather large bankroll, call it a minimum of $100.

You will scan through the matches for the upcoming week, ideally, you would like to find a team which is on offer with odds around @1.25 playing against a team which is long around @4.00

Here is a visual example:

small odds large stake rugby betting system

As you can see above the Highlanders are on offer at odds of @1.28, this is exactly what we want for this rugby betting method.

If a punter, let’s call him John, puts down a $100 on the Highlanders and John wins – John will now get a return of $28 including his stake of $100, resulting in John’s bankroll now being $128. A nice increase of 28%! Clearly the bigger your stake is the bigger your return will be.

This may sound, easy and thoughts may come into a punters mind that they can get easy guaranteed wins with this rugby betting strategy!

As profitable as this system might be you should be very cautious when using it, as upsets are a common occurrence, especially with rugby.

Before using this strategy a punter should always ask himself, why bet on team X (the Highlanders, in this example) is it safe, does the risk warrant the return?

Sticking with our example between the Highlanders and the Reds, we asked ourselves the question above, and will now look if it is worth taking the risk and placing a large bet on the example match, above.

The Reds have been dreadful throughout the Super Rugby tournament and have not won a single match in their 6 fixtures this far, on the contrary, the Highlanders are the defending Super Rugby champions and is currently playing very good rugby, and they have an unbeaten run of 5 wins in a row, at the time of writing.

As you can see from the above, we believe it is safe, making the above bet and taking the risk thus, we will proceed in placing our wager.

Essentially it boils down to following and watching as much rugby news and games as you can in order for you to know what is going on, especially if you are going to use this rugby betting method.

Rugby Handicap Betting

What is rugby handicap betting?

Since rugby tournaments usually consist of upwards of 10 teams you will often find that a mismatch might be on the cards, meaning 1-team might often be stronger than the other team. Thus, when a punter wants to make a bet on the match he will find little to know value betting on the favourite since the returns will be minimal.

To counter the above by effectively giving each team a 50-50 chance of winning, to make the match more attractive to punters, bookmakers use a strategy known as handicapping.

Handicapping simply works by giving the underdog a start of “X amount” of points while the favourite will start the game minus “X amount” of points.

Let us look at a practical example, focusing on the Rugby Championship Cup this time.

rugby handicap betting

As you can see from the above image the home team, Leicester Tigers, are big favourites to win against Stade Francais.

A punter looking at this match might not want to make use of our small odds large stake strategy, explained above, however, he (the punter) can still get good value for his bet by making use of a different rugby betting strategy known as handicap betting.

Looking at the above image we can see that, a punter has 3-different options when electing to take the 80-minutes Handicap bet he can either:

Choose Leicester Tigers by -7 points – This means that when the match kicks off the score will be -7-points to 0-points in favour of Stade France thus, Leicester Tigers starts the match with (minus) -7 points.

Let us assume the match ends 25-20 with Leicester Tigers winning, all punters who have selected Leicester Tigers would have lost!

Why, would punters who selected the Tigers have lost? Easy, since when you take the Tigers final score 25-points and minus 7-points from it (the handicap) the handicapped score will now be 18-20 thus, even though the Tigers have won the game, punters, who have selected the Tigers have lost…makes sense?

Choose Stade Francais by +7 –points – Choosing Stade Francais by +7-points is exactly the opposite as explained above. Stade Francais will start with +7-points. Thus, sticking with the above example and assuming the game ends with a score of 25-20 in favour of Leicester Tigers, even though Stade Francais lost the match, punters who have elected Stade Francais would have won!

Why would they have won? Simple. We take the final score of Stade Francais and +7-points to it (the handicap) thus, 20 + 7 = 27-points, this will result in a “virtual” final score of 25-27, resulting in a win for punters who have selected Stade Francais.

Handicap Tie – The last option for the rugby handicap bet is to choose a handicap draw. The handicap draw effectively follows the same principles as described above, with one slight difference.

Let us assume the match ends 20-27 regardless who have won, punters who elected the handicap draw would have won their bets.

Why would they have won? Since the handicap is set at 7-points the handicap draw either + or – 7-points from the final score, thus assuming the final score was 20-27, adding 7 points to 20 or taking away 7-points from 27 will both result in a handicap draw. It is important to note any punters who have selected either Leicester Tigers or Stade Francais would have lost since the final result is a handicap draw!

Rugby in Play Betting.

Another great strategy which can bring great success if used correctly is known as in play betting or real-time betting. In play betting, allows the user to place a bet while a match is currently in progress.

What we like about in play betting, especially if it comes to rugby, is the fact that rugby, perhaps more than any other sport, gives the viewer a clear indication of the form, attitude and motivation levels of a team (that’s why you always hear rugby coaches say the 1st 10-minutes are the most important in a rugby match as it often sets the tone for the rest of the match.)

The above can open up the opportunity to increase the probability of winning a wager, since the punter can now see the form of the team which he could not have seen, but only speculated, prior to kick off.

Furthermore, rugby in play betting can provide punters with a great opportunity to either get a team at better odds than what it was on offer for before the game commenced or to get a better handicap than what was offered at the start of the match.

The reason for the above is that the odds will fluctuate as teams score points, as an example, if the Blues and Crusaders opened at around 50-50 odds @1.91, and the Crusaders score the first try of  the match. the bookmakers are likely to adjust the odds making the Crusaders shorter while making the Blues longer.

Thus, where the odds was a scratch at odds of @1.91 for both teams, the odds are likely to get adjusted to something in the region of @1.65 for the Crusaders and @2.65 for the Blues. Assuming the punter makes a bet on the Blues at odds of @2.65 and the Blues scores the next try the inplay odds are likely to go down again to @1.91 for both teams, however, the punter now locked in his bet for @2.65!


Hopefully by having read this tutorial you, the punter, will now have a better idea about the most popular rugby betting types that can be found.

Regardless of which rugby betting method you elect to use, it is important to note, that if you want to win more bets than you lose, it is important to stay disciplined and follow and watch as much rugby as you can, in order to increase your knowledge of the game and potentially exploit odds which do not accurately reflect a match.

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