Bet365 Sportsbook Review

If you have never heard of Bet365 sportsbook you have probably lived in a cave for the past 10-years. Bet365 owns the title of most popular sportsbook in the world. Since it was founded  in 2000, Bet365 has experienced exponential growth year upon year.Currently bet365 sportsbook has 19-million active users in more than 200 countries! Jip that’s right Bet365 sportsbook operates pretty much all around the world with their headquarters based in the United Kingdom. Here follows a summary of Bet365 sportsbook review.

What we LIKE about Bet365 sportsbook

There is a reason why Bet365 is the worlds leading sportsbook, they have an amazing platform with some great features, here follows what welike about Bet365 online sportsbook.

  • Easy access – Bet365 online sportsbook allow players from all around the world to join. Unlike other sportsbooks which only allow players from certain countries, Bet365 sportsbook is open to anyone wherever you are. Some countries block access to gambling websites however you can bypass it by reading our guide to access sportsbooks where it is blocked by a country.
  • Many Deposit Options – Don’t have a credit card, or want to remain anonymous? Bet365 has multiple deposit options, from Netteller to Entropay virtual visa cards and paypal is only but a few of their deposit options. Visit Bet365 online sportsbook to view their full range of deposit options.
  • Live Streams – While live streaming of matches are found on most of the major sportsbooks Bet365 sportsbook takes it a step further, they offer more live streaming options than any other sportsbook in the world!
  • Great User Interface – Placing a bet on Be365 sportsbook is a breeze. You can easily navigate between different sporting events and live in play matches. Adding bets to your bet slip is as simple as selecting the bet you want to make, clicking on it, enter your stake and hit place bet now!
  • Unbeatable Odds – Line , spread or “odds shopping” is a technique used by professional gamblers to find the bookmaker who offers the best odds. If you are doing odds shopping safe yourself some time and go straight to Bet365 sportsbook. Bet365 offers near unbeatable odds. As an example if a book maker offers odds @1.90 for a certain match Bet365 is guaranteed to beat the price.
  • Reputation – Needless to say Bet365 sportsbook has an excellent reputation. Sports betting is very similar to buying stocks on the stock market i.e it is an investment. It is always comforting to know that your money is in safe hands and you are dealing with the best broker, or rather in this case, bookmaker in the world.
  • Great Signup Offers – Bet365 offers some of the best signup bonuses for new customers. They will match your deposit up to $200 dollars.

What we DO NOT like about Bet365 sportsbook

It is hard to criticize the

largest sportsbook in the world, there is a reason why Bet365 has 19-million active users, because they have a near flawless sportsbook. However nothing is perfect and here I will point out some features I don’t like about Bet365 sportsbook.

  • Aggressive Marketing – Perhaps not a negative point, perse, however Bet365 sportsbook has an extremely aggressive marketing strategy. Visit 10 sport related websites and 8 of them will display some sort of Bet365 banner. Now this might sound a bit hypocritical comong from a website that is promoting Bet365 sportsbook, however there is a place for everything. Being primarily a rugby betting website there is nothing wrong with us promoting the Bet365 sportsbook brand, however Bet365 sometimes advertise with annoying popups or banners on places / websites where I feel it should not be advertised.
  •   Customer Service   – Having 19-million active users, it is surely a difficult task to attend to all queries as they arise. Bet365 sportsbook customer service is by no means terrible, however it does lag slightly behind other major sportsbooks.
  • Resource Heavy – Bet365 sportsbook runs on adobe flash player technology, like many other sportsbooks. However I have found that their sportsbook takes up quite a lot of system resources. While not a major factor if you have a modern PC, users with older computers might struggle to access the platform.



Bet365 sportsbook Homepage

Bet365 sportsbook Homepage


Bet365 is the leading sportsbook in the world, and it is not hard to see why. With a wide variety of sports betting on offer, combined with many markets for each match, offering some of the best odds in the industry, bet365 sportsbook ranks amongst the best in the business. Throw in their unbeatable signup bonus for new customers and their wide coverage of live streaming events for various sports around the world. Bet365 is definitely a sportsbook you would want to join!