Betfair Sportsbook Review

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Founded 2000
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Betfair online sportsbook was founded in 2000 and is a licensed bookmaker under the British Gambling Association. As the name suggests Betfair is a fair sportsbook and the largest betting exchange in the world. A betting exchange is a marketplace for customers to bet on the outcome of sporting events, amongst others. Betting exchanges offer the same opportunities to bet on as traditional bookmakers with a few differences, you can learn more about betting exchanges here.

Betfair online sportsbook experienced a few growing pains, when they started up their online sportsbook, however most of those niggles have been ironed out. Currently Betfair online sportsbook is one of the largest bet exchange sportsbooks in the United Kingdom and Australia, with over 800’000 active users. Here follows a detailed review of Betfair online sportsbook bet exchange, featuring the pro’s and con’s of Betfair’s sportsbook.

What we LIKE about Befair online sportsbook

It is not your traditional sportsbook – Sure you can place sporting wagers on betfair online sportsbook, however it operates differently than your traditional bookmaker. It gives you the punter a chance to play the role of bookmaker. Here is an example:

have you ever told one of your friends I bet you England will win the upcoming Six-Nations tournament. Your friend disagrees and believes Ireland will win the tournament. You place a £25 bet with your friend saying Ireland will win the tournament, and your friends excepts the wager. In a nutshell that is how betfair online sportsbook work, it’s a pretty revolutionary sportsbook in the sense that you can play the bookmaker sell a bet with odds you set, which other users can buy.

At betfair online sportsbook you either bet on a certain outcome to happen or you bet against an outcome to happen. The brilliant thing is you can literally set the odds yourself, example if you think England @1.25 is to low to win the match against Ireland you can set up a bet a bet and increase the odds, basically making setting the odds yourself!

betfair sportsbook laying odds

Setting up a wager, making odds


On the image on the left you can see how the user is setting up a bet, betting AGAINST Ireland to win the match. He is prepared to make a bet AGAINST Ireland at odds of @3.6, which you can easily increase or decrease, using the up and down arrows! In this example the user is placing a £20 wager against Ireland, thus he is assuming England will win. The bet will show up live on the Betfair online sportsbook stream where other users can select it.

What we LIKE about Befair online sportsbook

On a personal note, I have to admit I absolutely love the concept of Betfair online sportsbook, if you are a good gambler and know what you are doing you can certainly rake up the winnings. However the Betfair concept and interface can be very complicated for new gamblers. It is not as straight forward as traditional bookmakers where you get set odds and you either agree or disagree with what the bookmaker offers and place your bet accordingly, Betfair operates slightly different and you can lose a considerable amount of money if you do not understand what you are doing

What we LIKE about Befair online sportsbook

From reading the above it is clear that Betfair online sportsbook operates slightly different than your traditional bookmaker. It is a great concept and betting platform, which can give you a considerable edge a greater winning than by using traditional bookmakers. However if you are new to sports gambling, I suggest you look into other options such as Bet365, since Betfair is certainly not for rookies.