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Founded 1967
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BetFred sportsbook is yet another sportsbook coming out of the UK. Betfred sportsbook is named after its founder Fred, hence BetFred, pretty original uh..? You have to admire the growth of BetFred starting out as a small sportsbook in 1967 with a single betting shop, growing into a massive gambling empire, turning over well in excess of  £3.5 billion by 2004!

Unlike many of the sportsbooks we have reviewed on our, sportsbook reviews page, the majority of BetFreds business comes from the Betfred online sportsbook platform. We have mentioned on numerous occasions, the quality of sportsbooks to come out of the UK, here follows our betfred review to see how they stack up against their fellow compatriots.

Betfred Review – What we like about BetFred sportsbook

  • Innovation & Betfred Bonuses

BetFred has earned the nickname of bonus king, due to their creative promotions and bonuses. BetFred certainly do like to innovate, which is one of their best features, having been the first sportsbook in the world to offer the, in play cashout option, which is now common practise amongst all major sportsbooks. Ever since the above, industry changing innovation, Betfred sportsbook hasn’t taken their foot of the pedal, and is continuously looking for new ways to innovate and improve their user experience.

As of the time of writing, popular Betfred bonuses and promotions include Betfred golden hour and goals galore, both of which is right up there with the best in the sports betting industry.

  • BetFred Golden Hour

What is Betfred Golden Hour? Each and every Saturday, Fred the boss of Betfred (just love that pun) runs a golden hour, Betfreds golden hour results in, increased odds for bets made during the “golden hour.” Although Betfred sportsbook golden hour was offered only in their betting shops across the UK, it has since expanded to Betfred online sportsbook. If you decide to open an account with BetFred remember to keep an eye out every Saturday for their golden hour.

  • Betfred Goals Galore

Let us start by saying we are a rugby betting website, while we try to focus on sportsbooks offering rugby betting promotions and bonuses, Betfred goals galore, even though focused on football / soccer, will get a mention purely because it is such a popular promotion. Furthermore we realize that some of our followers might be football fans, thus we will make an exception with this Betfred review. So what is Betfred Goals Galore?

Each week Betfred sportsbook offers a bonus coupon, which you can add to your bet slip. When adding Betfred goals galore coupon you need to chose from a selection, in which football matches both teams will score goals, needless to say this Betfred goals galore coupon comes with enhanced odds. Goals galore has proved to be very popular amongst football punters and has been one of Betfreds long standing promotions.

  • Betfred Wiki

Betfred is the only sportsbook we currently know of that offers their own wiki page. Don’t confuse this with the sportsbook being mentioned on a wikipedia page! No, what is meant by the Betfred Wiki is that they have their own dedicated wiki, view Betfred wiki here to find out more.

Betfreds wiki offers a forum for punters, which is quite nice. However a feature of Betfred sportsbook wiki we found most interesting was the “challenge section.” Betfreds challenge section is aimed at prospective job seekers wanting to get into the sports betting industry, it features a series of numeric challenges, and probability algorithms, focused at prospective bookmakers, furthermore there is a series of SSL encryption challenges for the more technical job seekers. Although the above does not affect the betting experience in anyway – we thought it does deserve a mention in this Betfred review 

Betfred Review – What we DO NOT like about BetFred sportsbook

Ok so we now know BetFred offers some innovative features and a couple of good promotions,ranking up there with the best. Let us expand our Betfred review looking where Betfred comes up short.

  • Betfred Rugby Betting

As you should know we are a rugby betting website. The rugby betting brand, objective is to provide quality and informative rugby betting posts, tutorials and betting strategies. Along with helping our readers find the best rugby sportsbooks.

Betfred sportsbook does offer plenty of rugby betting options. Betfred rugby odds and markets are on par with all other leading sportsbooks. Despite this, we can’t help but to feel Betfred sportsbook comes up short when it comes to rugby betting. Betfred bonuses and promotions are mostly focused towards football and horseracing. 

In our introduction we have praised BetFred bonus offers and promotion, due to their innovative nature. Surely a world class sportsbook like BetFred, known as the master of bonuses, can provide some better rugby betting promotions and bonus offers!

With that being said don’t let the above scare you off, to open a betfred sportsbook account. If you are looking for a sportsbook offering good rugby odds BetFred sportsbook, is right up there with the best, in terms of prices. Taking a profit margin of only (4.75%) which is very competitive!

  • Live Streaming

BetFred comes up well short in the streaming department, when you compare BetFred with other sportsbooks like Bet365 renowned for their wide range of online streaming options, it is clear that BetFred has a long way to go if they want to compete with bookmakers offering live streaming.

Don’t get us wrong BetFred does offer live streaming, the problem is streaming options are limited mostly to horse racing and some football matches. Furthermore you need to have an active, pending bet to get access to the stream, while we wont criticise this. We will however deduct points for Betfred sportsbook streaming, due to its limited nature, described above!

  • Limited country support

This does not apply to UK readers.

BetFred does NOT allow players from a large number of countries, this is unfortunate since BetFred sportsbook is really, a sportsbook you would want to join. The reason why they restrict players from certain countries are unknown, since other major sportsbooks like BetFair, BetVicor and BET365 (to name but a few) are readily welcoming players from all countries.
BetFreds does not allow players from the following countries:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China, The Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Japan, The Kyrgyz Republic, Latvia, Montenegro, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine or The United States of America and its territories.

BetFred Review – The Verdict

Despite having limited streaming options, and not having great rugby promotions, BetFred sportsbook gets the thumbs up from the rugby betting crew, providing you live in one of their supported countries. We recommend BetFred because of their good rugby odds and low profit margin.

Other areas of BetFred that also deserves a notable mention is their customer service, and easy to use betting platform. All and all BetFred makes for a good sportsbook!

BetFred Sportsbook Homepage

BetFred Sportsbook Homepage