Centrebet Online Bookmaker Complete Review & Sign up Bonus

Founded 1992
Deposit Options Bank Deposit, Credit Card
Withdrawal Options Bank Transfer
Support Options Email, Online Chat, Phone
Platforms Android APP, IOS APP, Website
Minimum Deposit $10
Payout 100%
Currency AUD

Centrebet might not be a bookmaker familiar to many people outside of Australia, yet it has a rich history and played a big part in the rise of both brick and mortar as well as online Australian sportsbooks.

Centrebet Bookmaker History

It was in 1992, more than 24 years ago, when Centrebet opened its doors, managing to become the very first bookmaker registered in Australia. After 4 successful years of operation at their brick and mortar gambling shops, Centrebet management did not sit back basking in their glory, they realized the gambling landscape is an ever changing market, and that bookmakers need to constantly look at ways to innovate and re-invent itself.

As early as 1995, Centrebet sportsbook started to realize the potential of the internet, which was still a word unfamiliar to many at the time, and the role it can play in revolutionizing the gambling market. Like true visionaries, Centrebet jumped onto the opportunity and just after 4 yers of becoming the first registered bookmaker in Australia, they became the very first registered online bookmaker, not only in Australia but the whole of the Southern Hemisphere.

Like most businesses enjoying first to the market success, Centrebet continued to grow exponentially year upon year, eventually getting listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 2006, a monumental move for Australian bookmakers at the time with Centrebet yet again leading the way.

During this time, many other bookmakers started to set up shop taking note of the boom experienced in the online gambling sector, one such bookmaker was Sportingbet who is a worldwide sportsbook operating in more than 24 countries around the world. Sportingbet along with Centrebet was the two most popular Australian bookmakers during the early 2000’s and it was in June of 2011 that Sportingbet decided to acquire Centrebet sportsbook, which made the combined entity the largest bookmaker in Australia.

Gambling giants in Europe took note of the good financial results coming out of Australia from the Sportingbet Group (consisting of Sportingbet and Centrebet) and decided they want to get into the Australian market. Leading UK bookmaker William Hill stepped in and acquired the Sportingbet Group in early 2013.

After the acquisition of Centrebet William Hill realized, that although they are one of Europes most familiar brands, not many Australian punters were familiar with the William Hill brand at the time they also realized Centrebet was one of Australia’s most beloved sportsbooks and enjoyed a loyal public following.

William Hill then, wisely, decided to keep the identity of Centrebet intact, while the website was modified to operate under the same markets and odds as their parent company William Hill in 2015.

William Hill also brought the Centrebet brand to Europe after the merger in 2013 where it is currently a fully licensed sportsbook in the United Kingdom, with Centrebet gaming services licensed in Malta.

Since the rise of many other Australian online bookmakers both locally and from abroad, Centrebet lost some of the market share they once enjoyed however, they still remain one of the biggest Australian bookmakers to this day.

Below follows Rugby Betting’ complete Centrebet review, examining all the positives and negatives of the oldest online bookmaker in the Southern Hemisphere.

Centrebet Complete Review & Signup Bonus

Centrebet Positives.

User Interface and Betting Platform

Centrebet online bookmaker review & Sign Up BonusIn 2012, the decision was made to do a major overall on the Centrebet website completely changing the betting platform, which although functioning well at the time was a bit harsh on the eye. Ever since the overall Centrebet user interface and betting platform has performed noticeably better.

As is the case with most major online bookmakers, Centrebet makes use of a responsive 3-column layout. In the left column users will find sports navigation, with markets and odds displayed in the middle column. In the right column, the bet slip is displayed, which functions very nicely we may add. Promotions and offers are displayed below the bet slip in the right column.

We have nothing bad to say about Centrebet betting platform, it does the job nicely. Navigation and placing bets are incredibly easy, which is the most important factor to any successful online betting platform.

Perhaps the only criticism we can find with the betting platform is the black background color, although it will not affect user experience in anyway it is rather just a remark based on personal opinion.

Large Range Of Sports Betting Markets

Like all respectable bookmakers, Centrebet offers a large variety of different sports and markets for their users to bet on. However, for users enjoying Australian sports such as NRL, AFL, and especially Super Rugby joining Centrebet is a must. Centrebet arguably offers the widest range of rugby markets out of all other online bookmakers, with the exception of Marathonbet which they are tied with in terms of market depth.

Another big positive regarding Centrebet sports betting markets is the fact that they release their Super Rugby markets early on every Wednesday, opposed to other online bookmakers which generally release their Super Rugby markets towards the end of Wednesday. Why is this important? Since it can give the punter a bit of an advantage having a punt on a team before the teams are officially announced, with a bit of homework, in the form of research, this can definitely be exploited for an advantage.

Very Generous Centrebet Signup Bonus

Centrebet signup bonus ranks up there with the best in the business, giving large worldwide sportsbooks such as Bet365 a run for their money. Centrebet will match users first deposit up to $200, meaning if you deposit $200 you will have $400 in your account. See our rugby betting tutorial, making bets to minimize risk, to see how you can use this to your advantage.

Centrebet Negatives

Lack of Inplay Betting.

It almost feels wrong to mention this as a negative since it is not the fault of Centrebet, but rather a burden that plagues all Australian sportsbooks, as most users are aware of, due to Australian legislation no live inplay betting is permitted, meaning users needs to call in to place an inplay bet with Centrebet. The fact that Aussie punters are forced to call in their inplay bets are just cruel in our opinion.

There are so many workarounds that a sportsbook can implement should the legislation be lifted, an inplay game delay of around 10-seconds for, should well and truly restrict any foul play from punters trying to exploit the inplay betting system. This is just one of the many measures which can get implemented.

Bookmakers Margin.

According to Bookmakers forum, a recent survey revealed that the average bookmaker margin comes in at 4.9%, according to Bookmakers forum and numerous other sources Centrebet takes a bookmaker’s margin of 5.5% which is higher than the average online bookmakers margin, albeit ever so slightly.

Centrebet Conclusion.

If rugby betting is your sport of choice Centrebet is a must, offering a large range of rugby markets, combined with a very generous signup bonus and a good user interface, Centrebet ranks up there with the best online bookmakers in the business thus, they score a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars. Definitely worth checking out!