HollywoodBets Sportsbook Review

Hollywoodbets sportsbook is the latest, online sportsbook trying to cash in on the booming South African online gambling market. Hollywoodbets branches started popping up like mushrooms all over South Africa in 2009, hoping to cash in on the FIFA football world cup which was hosted by South Africa in 2010. While Hollwoodbets branches are relatively successful in the South African sport betting market, their transition to the online betting market has been nothing short of a disaster. Here follows a brief review on Hollywoodbets sportsbook.

What we LIKE about Hollywoodbets sportsbook

Looking at Hollywoodbets online sportsbook it is real difficult to find anything good about it. However it does exists and have 1 or 2 “okay” features.

  • Trust – As poor as the online sportsbook version of hollywoodbets is, it is a registered sportsbook endorsed by the South African gambling association, thus you can be assured that your deposits and payouts are secured.
  • Betting News – Hoolywoodbets sportsbook has a subdomain featuring some of the latest sports news, which is a nice feature allowing you to do a bit of research before you place a bet.


What we DO NOT like about Hollywoodbets sportsbook

There are dozens of problems with the online version of hollywoodbets sportsbook, the sportsbook is so bad I can make an endless list of problems , however here I will feature the main problems of what is wrong with the sportsbook.

  • User Interface – The users interface of hollywoodbets sportsbook is shockingly bad, Navigation is a nightmare, placing a bet is difficult, largely because of the bet slip which is near impossible to understand. I have yet to figure out how to place double or treble bet on the the bet slip. Its bad, real bad!
  • Bad Odds – Hollywoodsbets online sportsbook, offers bad odds, real bad odds! As an example where another bookmaker will offer odds on a match at @1.95, hollywoodbets sportsbook will offer odds of @1.80 for the exact same match. Their lines are much lower than your average sportsbook which is certainly not something you would want when signing up for an online sportsbook.
  • Customer Service – At this point I feel it is important to state I have nothing against hollywoodbets. I am simply writing about my experience of using Hollywoodbets sportsbook. Their customer service is pretty much none existent. There is no online chat support option, however you can call them or send an email. Calling the “support center” is as confusing as their user interface. You have different options to choose from, when calling. After eventually getting connected to a customer service representative, I found the service to be poor and my query was not solved. Using the email option be prepared to wait at least 2-3 days before getting a reply.
  • Limited markets – Although hollywoodbets online sportsbook allows their users to bet on numerous different sports, they offer limited markets. As an example if you want to make a rugby bet you are limited to only a straight bet or a single handicap. There are not alternative handicaps or line options to bet on.

Screen Shots

Hollywoodbets online sportsbook homepage

Hollywoodbets sportsbook


Trying to figure out how to place a bet


I cant help to feel that Hollywoodbets sportsbook is set up in such a way that they want their users to lose. A prime example of this is the bad odds offered by their online sportsbook and the limited markets you can bet on. Considering the latter with a user interface that is not easy to understand, placing a bet with hoolywoodbets sportsbook is pretty much a nightmare. The overall conclusion, it is a sportsbook but there are much better sportsbooks out their. Skip!