Ladbrokes Australia Review

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Founded 2013
Deposit Options Bank Deposit, Credit Card, Neteller, Paypal, Skrill (Moneybookers)
Withdrawal Options Bank Transfer, Credit Card
Support Options Email, Online Chat, Phone
Platforms Android APP, IOS APP, Website
Minimum Deposit $10

The following is an in-depth review of Ladbrokes Australia. It is important to not confuse the Ladbrokes Australian version, with Ladbrokes UK which we have covered in our previous bookmakers review section on Ladbrokes. Ladbrokes is yet another UK gambling giant who entered the Australian gambling market hoping to get into one of the world’s most lucrative gambling industries. Similar to UK gambling giant William hill, Ladbrokes entered the Australian gambling market via an acquisition. Ladbrokes entered the Australian gambling market in 2013 by acquiring a Brisbane based bookmaker who at the time of the acquisition was only 1-year old but enjoyed good growth.

Unlike William hill Australian branch did with their acquisitions of Australias 2-most popular bookmakers at the time, Ladbrokes Australia decided not to rebrand the company they acquired to get into the Australian market but to rather keep the two entities separate, although both and Ladbrokes Australia operates under the exact same market and odds. Now that the history is out of the way, it’s time to examine Ladbrokes Australia sportsbook, looking at both the positives and minuses to determine how well Ladbrokes Australia stacks up against other online Australian bookmakers and sportsbooks. Below follows, rugby bettings complete, Ladbrokes Australia review.

Ladbrokes Australia The Positives

  • Ladbrokes Australia Account “Debit Card”

Ladbrokes Australia offers a great service to their verified users, by offering what can effectively be described as a full-fledged debit card. The Ladbrokes Australia cash card can be used to withdraw money directly from users Ladbrokes account thus, there is no lengthy wait on withdrawal times.

The card can be used to make withdrawals at both ATM’s and at point of sales terminals up to $2500 daily which is a very reasonable spending limit compared to the handful of other bookmakers who is currently offering this service. Perhaps the only downside of this great service is the fact that it can only be used to make withdrawals on winnings thus, users can not deposit funds into their, or someone else’s, account and then withdraw the funds. The funds must have been wagered on. This is due to the Australian government’s regulations enforced on Ladbrokes to curb money laundering which kind of makes sense, thinking about it.

  • Ladbrokes Australia Betting Blog

Another nice little positive found on the Australian version of Ladbrokes is the blog section. Under the Ladbrokes blog subdomain, they feature the latest match results, analysis, and upcoming game previews. While some of the match previews and posts are not as detailed as can be found on sports websites there is nevertheless a few interesting reads to be found under the Ladbrokes blog section.

  • Innovative Betting Features

Ladbrokes Australia offers some great innovative betting features when compared to the UK version. Some of these innovative betting features include tournament tipping / prediction competitions played against other users, and tournament Bet Quizzes, which should rather be called tournament predictors in our opinion, which lets the user select whether certain scenarios will happen during an upcoming tournament. If  guessed correctly, the payout can be very lucrative with odds of @31.00. Below follows an image of Ladbrokes Australia’s Quiz Betting.

Image of Ladbrokes Australia Bet Quizz

Ladbrokes Australia Bet Quizz Example

Although the above example focuses on the upcoming T20 World Cup, Ladbrokes Australia offers these type of quizzes on a regular basis for all major sporting tournaments, including rugby.

  • Plenty Of Promotions and Bonuses On a Weekly Basis

Betfred is widely referred to as the “Bonus King” in sports betting circles, even though Betfred has no direct gambling presence in Australia even if it had a presence, the title of “Bonus King” will certainly be under threat from the Australian version of Ladbrokes. Ladbrokes Australia’s bonus and promotional offers are not good, it’s not great, it is absolutely phenomenal. Except from free bets, and cash back bonuses on losing bets, perhaps the best promotional offer of all is the enhanced odds offer Ladbrokes Australia regularly dishes up on a weekly basis. When saying enhanced odds we really mean ENHANCED, just to give the reader an idea the recent Super Bowl 50 odds were set at 1.42 in favour of Carolina Panthers. Ladbrokes Australia enhanced this to odds of 1.84 which is double the amount other bookmakers offered!

Ladbrokes Australia What we DO NOT like

  • Limited jurisdiction

Ladbrokes Australia is really a great sportsbook, in terms of their promotional offers and innovative betting promotions. However the sad reality is their offers are only available to users from Australia and New-Zealand. Ladbrokes Australia does not accept players from any other countries except Australia and New-Zealand.

  • No In Play Betting

This is perhaps not Ladbrokes fault per se however it is a negative nevertheless and should be noted, if you do reside in Australia and New-Zealand and decide to open an account with Ladbrokes Australia, you will have no inplay betting options like you would have with UK  and other sportsbooks. This is due to the fact that the Australian gambling body prohibits live in play gambling. In an attempt to curb this Ladbrokes Australia has set up a call to bet feature, where users can call in and ask a representative to place a bet for them during a match. This prevents any live inplay manipulation and is the closest users can come to live inplay betting in Australia unfortunately.

  • Slightly higher than average bookmaker margin

According to numerous sources Ladbrokes Australia takes a slightly higher than average bookmakers margin. In a recent study to determine the average bookmaker margin, across worldwide sportsbooks, the average margin came in at 4.9%. According to our sources Ladbrokes Australia takes a betting margin of 5.5%, obviously the lower the better for the punter! Since Ladbrokes Australia comes in at a higher than average bookmakers margin they score a negative in our Ladbrokes Australia review. Although the average punter will barely notice the margin change.

Ladbrokes Australia Conclusion

With an easy to use, slick style user interface, some exceptional bonus and promotional offers which gets offered on a near weekly basis Ladbrokes Australia is definitely a recommended sportsbook by rugby betting and gets a thumbs up from us. Despite Ladbrokes Aus taking a slightly higher than average bookmaker fee, they well and truly make up for it with their enhanced odds promotions and exceptional signup bonus. New users of Ladbrokes Australia gets a bonus signup offer of up to $100, why not check them out for yourself and claim your signup bonus while you at it!