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Founded in 1988 paddy power sportsbook is a quality sportsbook coming out of Ireland. Apart from being the largest bookmaker in Ireland Paddy Power has a strong presence in the United Kingdom as well, competing with other popular UK sportsbooks such as Williamhill and Coral. Paddy Power is the official sponsor of the Manchester United football team, although sponsoring a soccer team, PaddyPower sportsbook is arguably one of the best sportsbooks when it comes to rugby betting. Paddy Power sportsbook is renowned for offering great odds and promotions when it comes to rugby betting, especially when it comes to popular rugby events such as the Six Nations, or Super Rugby tournaments.

Here Follows our review on paddy power rugby betting

Paddy Power sportsbook and rugby betting goes hand in hand. What we like love about Paddy Power sportsbook is the fact that they are very rugby centric, meaning rugby is one of the main sports that Paddy Power promotes. This is excellent compared to other UK sportsbooks that also offers good rugby betting deals but are more geared towards football / soccer betting.

Paddy Power Sportsbook Review – What We Like

  • Justice Payouts:

Want to know the best thing about paddy power sportsbook? They are sympathetic towards their customer! They are sympathetic in the sense that they are renowned for paying out bets based on the result Paddy Power believe should have happened, this is known as justice payouts. Paddy Power Sportsbook is renowned for their justice payouts and one of only a handful of sportsbooks that offers justice payouts.   

What is justice payouts? Here is an example,  not to long ago New-Zealand played against Ireland, in Dublin. The All Blacks (New-Zealand’s rugby team) were overwhelming favourites. Ireland was on offer for odds at 11/1, which indicates that Ireland had basically no chance of winning the match. Turns out Ireland played their hearts out that day and despite being 11/1 underdogs they were leading with 6-points after 80-minutes i.e. the game was finished but New-Zealand had one last possession deep inside Ireland territory and had to go about 80-metres and score a converted try without making a single error, to win the match!  The All Blacks did what they do so good, and scored a stunning try right in the corner of the goal line. After going to the TMO and viewing numerous angles to see whether the try scorers foot was inbound or not, the try got awarded! However Ireland were still leading with 1-point and only a very difficult, near impossible, conversion kick would win the game for New-Zealand.

The Controversy 

As Dan Carter Lined up to attempt the conversion kick, Ireland charged up from their goal line as you are allowed to do and Dan Carter missed the kick…the crowd erupted in a frenzy thinking Ireland won!  However there was a twist…Referee Nigel Owens ruled Ireland charged to early! When this happens the kicker is allowed to take another attempt, so Dan Carter lined up to try his conversion one more time, this time nailing it between the uprights, as only Daniel Carter can do. Ireland heartbreakingly lost the match with 1 point, with 5-minutes played over regulation time.

Paddy Power Sportsbook – The Justice Payout 

Paddy Power sportsbook disagreed with the referee’s decision, and stunningly made a justice payout to all rugby betters that placed a bet on Ireland to win! This is but on example of Paddy Power sportsbook justice payout. It should be noted however that it does not happen in every match, and needless to say they are not going to pay out losing bets – however in popular events, such as described above, where a controversy affected the result of the match, they are likely to do a justice payout! Also note this is something that can not be requested but rather decided by the management of paddy power sportsbook.

According to research, done by the rugby betting crew, Paddy Power is the bookmakers offering, some of the best odds on rugby betting. Paddy Power also has some of the best rugby betting promotions for 6 nations tournament and the upcoming super rugby tournament. Paddy Power claims:

Paddy Power is your home of Six Nations betting. Whether you are a fan of Ireland, England, Wales or Scotland, you can back your team with the best Six Nations odds from Paddy Power.

Despite the fact that they forgot about Italy and France (Yes the French actually have a chance to win the 6 nations) we certainly agree with the above statement. After having exhaustively examined odds from numerous bookmakers, Paddy Power came out on top with the best rugby odds for the six nations tournament!

  • Extreme Wide Range of Markets – You Can Almost Bet on Anything:

One thing that can not be argued is the UK has some phenomenal sportsbooks, although Paddy Power sportsbook is an Irish bookmaker it has a strong presence in the UK, competing with UK sportsbooks is certainly no easy task! However Paddy Power is right up there with the best in the business! We have often praised the depth of markets offered by UK sportsbooks such as Ladbrokes sportsbook, however when it comes to rugby betting Paddy Power sportsbook takes the cherry on the cake! The depth of markets offered by paddy power are endless. They are arguably the sportsbook offering the most markets on different betting events on the planet! Here is an example:

Although opening a paddy power rugby betting account is one of the best, sportsbooks accounts you can open for rugby betting, it is not only rugby betting that Paddy Power covers.

Apart from covering all major sports they also offer many side bets, which borders on ridiculous, we mean this in a good way. Some recent betting options offered by paddy power sportsbook include:

President Obama’s to visit Wolverhampton Town Hall  at odds of 10,000/1,  Katie Price to be next Prime Minister at odds of 20,000/1. Jip, with paddy power sportsbook you can pretty much bet on anything you can imagine, and more!

  • Paddy Power Sportsbook – improving the usual

We will not delve too deep on this subject as there really is not much to say except that Paddy Power sportsbook, is the sportsbook offering some of the best customer service. If you have any problems there is a representative on hand to help you out 24/7. Apart from their brilliant customer service they also have a very good user interface which makes placing bets, and looking up different markets a very easy task.

All and all Paddy Power makes for a great sportsbook especially when it comes to rugby betting. We could go on and on about the great features offered by Paddy Power, but will rather leave it up to you to check it out for yourself, and claim your £30 bonus while you are at it!