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Founded in 2000, Skybet sportsbook is one of the United Kingdom’s newest sportsbooks, trying to cash in on an over crowded yet lucrative British gambling industry. As the name suggest Skybet is part of the Sky broadcasting empire, publicly listed on the London Stock Exchange as Sky Group PLC. Despite facing stiff competition from well-respected and established British Bookmakers in the form of Williamhill and Ladbrokes, amongst many others, Skybet sportsbook has managed to make some good inroads despite mentioned competitors. Here follows our complete skybet review to see how Skybet compare against other leading UK sportsbooks.

Skybet Review

It is really hard to distinguish UK sportsbooks from one another, since they all come with their own perks and bonuses. With that being said let us start with what we like about Skybet sportsbook.

Skybet Review – What We Like:

  • Skybet rugby betting Subdomain

A fantastic feature of Skybet which sets them apart from the rest of the pack, purely, when it comes to Skybet – rugby betting, is their subdomain. Skybet features good analysis and rugby previews. Although Skybet rugby betting previews are about 50/50 in terms of accuracy, it is by no means by fault of their own. Rugby betting, as stated on numerous occasions, can be rather difficult sport to predict, especially if you are making spread bets. Nevertheless the fact that Skybet offers rugby previews and some statistics to go along with it, definitely scores big points for them in our books. In contract you will not find any, rugby betting previews at sportsbooks such as Williamhill or Coral with the exception of major games. Skybet subdomain which features rugby betting previews, amongst others, covers pretty much all games, which is certainly a nice feature!

  • Bet on your TV with Skybet

Being part of the Sky broadcasting group certainly does have its benefits. A feature which, arguably has lead to the biggest growth of Skybet sportsbook, is the ability to bet on your Television! Skybet is one, of the only bookmakers we are currently aware of that offers this feature and it is certainly a big positive. What is more convenient than watching a rugby match on Sky sports while making a rugby bet with Skybet, all without having to change devices or standing up from the sofa to place your bet?

  • Skybet No Deposit Bonus -£10

In an attempt to “steal” as many customers as possible from more established bookmakers, skybet sportsbook is one of the few sportsbooks that offers a no deposit bonus. Simply register an account with skybet and be a beneficiary of their £10 no deposit signup bonus

  • Skybet Loyalty Program & Bonus offers

We always appreciate a good sportsbook that rewards their users. Skybet loyalty program is one of the best loyalty programs out there! What does Skybet loyalty program offer their users? Alot! Their loyalty program features free bets, enhanced odds and even a discount on your Sky Tv subscription package, all of which makes for a fantastic loyalty program. The only other sportsbook that can even remotely compete with Skybet in terms of loyalty bonuses is Sportingbet. Although we will argue Skybet takes the cherry on the cake for the sportsbook with the best loyalty program.

  • Skybet Website & Brand Consistency

Surely each and every person in the UK is familiar with the Sky broadcasting brand, whether it be Sky Tv, Sky Sports or Sky News. If you are familiar with the latter you will feel right at home with Skybet sportsbook. There is a brand consistency right across their betting platform which blends in seamlessly with all other Sky products, living up to the high standards you have come to expect from the Sky brand.

  • Skybet Offers Exceptional Customer Service

When it comes to customer service Skybet sportsbook comes second to none. The reason for Skybets exceptional customer service can be contributed to two factors. Firstly, as mentioned above, Skybet falls under the Sky broadcasting group and thus needs to live up to a very high standard when it comes to customer service. Secondly Skybet sportsbook literally does anything within their power, to obtain new customers, since it is still a relatively very young sportsbook having been founded in 2000. Needless to say a starting point to obtaining new customers is to provide exceptional customer service.

While many readers might downplay customer service as not a major factor when it comes to selecting a sportsbook, take our advice when we say it should be one of the 1st factors you consider when choosing a sportsbook. Just wait until you get into a situation where you need customer service from your bookmaker and it is not there, it can be enormously frustrating to say the least.

Recently we received an email from a user regarding a popular sportsbook, who made a mistake regarding a wager on his account. Customer service was completely unable, or rather unwilling to help? It took him days of e-mailing back and forth until his wager was eventually settled which should have happened within minutes after the event has ended. The moral of the story is, customer service is certainly a very important factor when it comes to selecting a good sportsbook. With Skybet you can rest assured you have a sportsbook which provides exceptional customer service.

Skybet Review – What we DO NOT like

While there are undoubtedly factors that makes Skybet an excellent sportsbook, this part of our Skybet review will focus on where Skybet falls short, according to our user testing.

  • Skybet Sign Up Bonus – Limited To UK Residents

While Skybet sportsbook is certainly not the only UK boookmaker to limit their signup and deposit bonuses to UK customers, you would come to expect more from a sportsbook that sets such high standards, like Skybet does, especially in their attempt to lure in more potential customers as they continue to grow their user base.

  • Very Limited Country Support

While we mentioned earlier in our Skybet review, that being part of the Sky Broadcasting Group does have its benefits, in this case it also has its downfalls. In this case the negative for Skybet sportsbook forming part of the Sky Broadcasting Group is the fact that due to brand restrictions users from only a handful of countries are allowed to open an account with Skybet.

Only residents from the following countries are eligible for a Skybet account:

United Kingdom, Channel Islands, Ireland, Finland, Gibraltar

Skybet Review – The Verdict

Our Skybet review, clearly shows that the positives far outweighs the negatives, when it comes to Skybet sportsbook, in fact if you live in the UK there is not really anything negative about opening a Skybet account, since none of the negative factors discussed will impact you. In terms of Odds and Bookmakers margin Skybet neither gets a positive or a negative mark and is on par with the industry standard, which is mostly considered good, when compared to other sportsbooks like Hollywoodbets.

We are quite open about the fact that we are rather harsh when it comes to sportbook reviews at Rugby Betting, perhaps to harsh some will argue, however having extensively examined Skybet we are glad to announce they get our nod off approval.

Why not register an account with Skybet today and – receive your free £10, no deposit signup bonus to try them out yourself and tell us know what you think!

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