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Sportsbet Review – History, Features and Bonuses

Here follows the complete Sportsbet review, including all the pro’s and con’s helping you decide if Sportsbet is the right sportsbook for you.

Sportsbet is an Australian sportsbook and bookmaker, founded in 1993. Although Sportsbet primarily operates from Australia, Sportsbet allows users from most countries, which is a rather rare find in the Australian gambling industry, due to sometimes ridiculously strict gambling regulations. Users from almost all countries are welcome to sign up for a Sportsbet account except for a handful of restricted countries which we have listed towards the bottom of the review.

Since the inception of Sportsbet in 1993 it struggled to compete in an already crowded and competitive Australian gambling industry, so much so that Sportsbet was on the brink of bankruptcy in 2005. In stepped private investor Matthew Trip and scooped up Sportsbet for a mere $250’000. Matthew and his team completely overhauled Sportsbet, and it started to experience tremendous growth. Large corporations started to take notice and in 2011 UK gambling giant Paddy Power purchased and acquired full ownership of Sportsbet. Even Though Sportsbet is an Australian based sportsbook, because it is owned by Paddy Power in the UK might be the reason that it is possible for users from most countries to open an account with Sportsbet, which is great since Sportsbet is really a quality sportsbook!

Despite its growing pains, Sportsbet is currently one of the largest sportsbooks in Australia, and arguably the best. Here follows the complete Sportsbet review to see how it stacks up against other large bookmakers not only from Australia but around the world.

Sportsbet Review – What we LIKE

  • Odds Boost –Want to know why Sportsbet is one of Australia’s leading sportsbooks?
    Sportsbet Odds Boost

    Sportsbet Odds Boost

    Simple, Sportsbet bonus and loyalty program is absolutely outstandingOne of the best bonus offers featured by Sportsbet is, what is known as odds boost! Odds Boost enhances your odds by 20% percent when placing a wager on certain sports, providing the wager is a double or upwards. What does this mean to you, the punter? Suddenly a winning bet of $100 turned into a winning bet of $120 i.e – you get 20% better returns, making Sportsbet a very competitive bookmaker, not only in bonus offers but in terms of odds comparisons as well!



  • Justice Payout – Justice payout what on earth does that mean? Simple really, ever lost a bet because of an incorrect or controversial decision by a referee? It’s a sinking feeling, which most punters have experienced at some point or another. With the justice payout offer from Sportsbet, if you made a bet on a game which resulted in you losing your bet because of a controversial or wrong call by a referee, you will either get your money back or the bet will result in a winning bet! Depending on the severity of the controversy. Here is an example of this great amazing feature:

Think back to the 2007 rugby world cup where New-Zealand got knocked out in the semi-finals by France. With the French scoring a try in the bleeding seconds of the match, yet the pass was forward but the referee still awarded the try to France! Had you backed New-Zealand, with any other sportsbook you would have lost your wager. With Sportsbet you would have either received a refund on your wager or won the wager, even though your team lossed! Amazing right?

Think back to the 2011 rugby world cup, South Africa vs Australia in the quarter final. It was a highly anticipated match, which unfortunately got spoiled by a certain referee Bryce Lawrence, South African fans remember him…? Sure you do. So bad, and one sided was Bryce Lawrence performance with the whistle that a probe into match fixing was investigated by the International Rugby Board. Long story short, had you backed South Africa, even though they lost, Sportsbet would still payout your bet since South Africa lost the match on poor referee performance and controversial decisions

Turns out justice payout is one of the best features offered by sportsbet. We will take it a step further and say Sportsbet justice payout feature, is possibly the best bonus feature offered by any sportsbook in the world! 

  • Early Payout – Why does the Rugby Betting crew love Sportsbet sportsbook? Because they are the most innovative sportsbook in the world! Early payout is another innovative feature from Sportsbet. What does early payout mean, to you the punter? Ever had a bet that everyone knows is going to win but, you have to wait for the final whistle before you can receive your payout? Surely all punters have been in this situation. Early Payout pays out your wager, before the final whistle, providing the result looks nailed in. This is much different to the inplay cashout, since they will payout the full stake! How good is that? Why is early payout a good, great feature? Here is an example of early payout from Sportsbet and its advantages:

Say you made a wager on the Super Rugby tournament and your team is leading with a large amount come half time. It is clear to everyone that the other team is not going to make a comeback. Instead of waiting and sitting through a boring and predictable second half, waiting 40+ minutes for your payout. With Sportsbet as your bookmaker, the wager would have been settled at half time, so you can move along, either cashing out or placing your next bet!

Early payout becomes even more useful with sports like American football and cricket. The average American Football game lasts 4-hours, if your team nailed the wager, come half time, safe yourself 2-hours with fast payout. Test cricket lasts 5-days if your team is dominating by day 2, safe yourself 3-days with fast payout!

Sportsbet review on early payout – All and all early payout is yet another innovative and remarkable future from an amazing sportsbook!

  • Punters Club – At this point it is fair to say that Sportsbet dishes out innovative features like the New-Zealand All Blacks dishes out wins! Introducing Punters club from Sportsbet, another one of a kind. With punters club you create, well a punters club. What this mean is that you can open a Sportsbet account with your mates. Everyone chips in a certain amount of money and establish betting rules i.e only bet on rugby. The club creator / owner makes the 1st bet, the 2nd person the next bet, and so on. What is the advantage of Sportsbet punters club you might wonder? The advantage is two-fold. One, If you have a group of knowledgeable members in your club, you can make some massive returns. Two and perhaps, why Sportsbet punters club was created in the first place. It makes for great social gambling with a news feed of how you compare against your fellow members, your returns vs other club members returns etc. Punters Club from sportsbet is truly a brilliant and unique feature offered by no other sportsbook. Infact it is against the policy of most other sportsbooks to share an account! Big up to Sportsbet for such an amazing feature.
  • So much more – There are so many more incredible features we can include in this Sportsbet review, incredible odds, innovative features and almost daily bonus and promotion offers are some more positives from this incredible sportsbook.

I feel it is important to state at this point that this is a completely, unbiased Sportsbet review, written by the crew from rugby betting fact is, it is an amazing sportsbook with even more amazing features. Not convinced, why not check out Sportsbet to see their amazing features and bonuses for yourself? Yet like all things nothing is perfect, below you will find one or two things that Sportsbet might want to improve.

Sportsbet Review – What we DO NOT like

  • Users from the following countries, listed below, are not allowed to open an account. This is a bit of a let down since you certainly want to be associated with this great sportsbook. That being said you can’t blame Sportsbet that users from the following countries are not allowed to open an account. It’s mostly gambling laws and legislation which prohibits the following countries:
Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Canada, Congo Republic, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, France, Georgia, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Jamaica, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malaysia, Moldova, Montenegro, Nigeria, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Seychelles, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, Swaziland, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Vietnam, United States of America, United States Minor Outlying Islands, Uzbekistan, Wallis and Futuna, and Zimbabwe.
  • Profit Margin – Profit margin refers to the amount of profit a bookmaker makes on a wager. As an example 98% of the time you are making an even money bet,  you will see bookmakers set odds, usually in the range of @1.91 instead of @2.00 which it should be. The odds are set @1.91 and not @2.00 since the 0.09, which is 9%, is the bookmakers profit margin. Most sportsbooks keep their profit margins around 9-10%, on average Sportsbet sets their profit margin at 10.5%, although for the average punter the small difference in profit margin will hardly be noticed.

Sportsbet Review – The Verdict

By now it should be pretty clear to the reader that, Sportsbet makes for a great option if you are looking to join a sportsbook. Even if you have an existing sportsbook account with another bookmaker you might want to consider changing, that’s how good Sportsbet is. With Sportsbet bonuses, promotions and extensive range of innovative features, Sportsbet Australia makes for one of the best sportsbooks not only in Australia but the world, hence our 5-star rating, which is certainly NOT easy to achieve.

Sportsbet Screenshots
sportsbet australia review

Sportsbet Australia homepage, showing their signup bonus and extensive list of promotions.

Are you using Sportsbet as your bookie? Have you ever used them in the past, let us know what you think of them. Disagree with our Sportsbet review, or have we missed something? Let us know by dropping a comment below. Happy punting!