Unibet Sportsbook Review

Website URL www.unibet.conm
Founded 1997
Deposit Options Bank Deposit, Credit Card, Entropay, Neteller, Paypal, Skrill (Moneybookers), Ukash, Western Union, Wire Transfer
Withdrawal Options Bank Transfer, Credit Card
Support Options Email, Online Chat, Phone
Platforms Android APP, IOS APP, Website
Minimum Deposit $10

Unibet Sportsbook is a Swedish bookmaker founded in 1997, which is publicly listed on the Swedish stock exchange under the Unibet Group Plc. An interesting fact about Unibet which will come as a surprise to many people is the fact that Unibet online sportsbook is one of the largest bookmakers in the world with more than 9-million online customers, which is huge! In our opinion the reason for Unibet sportsbook success is due to the fact that they managed  to realize the potential of the internet and online gambling, and cashed in early setting up shop in 1997 when the internet revolution was just beginning. However starting up early is certainly not the only reason for Unibets success, a sportsbook with 9-million active users certainly does many things right. Here follows our Unibet sportsbook review.

Unibet Sportsbook Review

Unibet sportsbook what we like:

  • Unibet Signup Bonus

Unibet sportsbook offers a very nice signup bonus. We like Unibets Signup Bonus because it’s different than your normal get “X” amount free when making your first bet, which is offered by most bookmakers. Unibet likes to think outside of the box and their signup bonus reflects that. Unibet sportsbook signup bonus offers new users the following:

Open an account with Unibet and get a 50% risk free bet. What this means is that, should your first bet lose, Unibet sportsbook will refund your loss by 50% up to $15. This is a fantastic signup bonus in our opinion and new users can take full advantage of it, to build up a quick bankroll. If you do proper research you can select a team at long odds, let’s say at 3/1. Place a $30 bet if your wager is successful you can build up a quick $100 to play with, if you lose you get 50% back. Leaving you with $15 to try again!

  • Redesigned in-play User Interface

unibet bookmaker review

Unibets new in-play user interface currently in beta mode

As mentioned earlier Unibet is an online bookmaker who is not scared to innovate. Unibet redesigning their in play user interface is yet another testimony to their mission to constantly innovate and improve user experience.  At the time of writing Unibet sportsbooks new in play user interface is currently in beta mode but is accessible to users to try it out, and give their feedback. It is of our believe that the new user interface will be a great success. It comes in the form of a tiled layout showing the most popular in play sports bets, constantly updating and refreshing.

The most important user interface feature for any online sportsbook is to allow the user to quickly find the bet that they are looking for, while making it easy to select their team and place the wager. Unibet online sportsbook newly redesigned user interface, with its tiled layout executes this to perfection. Allowing for a great user experience!

  • Unibet sportsbook accepts players from most countries

A real positive regarding UniBet online sportsbook in our opinion , is the fact that Unibet accepts players from most countries. Currently Unibet allows players from more than 100 countries across the globe. Unlike many other sportsbooks Unibet signup bonus is not restricted to a handful of countries. No, on the contrary Unibet signup Bonus is open to users from most countries, which definitely scores them bonus points in this Unibet review. At the time of writing the only countries restricted from signing up for a Unibet sportsbook account is:

Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Hong Kong, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, North Korea, Pakistan, Philippines, Syria, Turkey, United States of America and other U.S. territories, or Yemen.

  • Unibet Offers Loads Of Live Streaming

Most sports bettors know that Bet365 is the king of online streaming, however Unibet sportsbook certainly gives them a run for their money when it comes to online streaming via a sportsbook! Unibet offers live streaming on a wide array of sports and tournaments, while we will not say that Unibet surpasses Bet365 when it comes to online streaming, however it can be argued that Unibet sportsbook is the second best sportsbook when it comes to online streaming!

  • Unibet Deposit Options

Don’t have a credit card or don’t want to use your credit card for online gambling? No problem! Unibet sportsbook accepts pretty much every deposit option currently available on the internet. For a full list of Unibet deposit options, view the top of the page where we summarize the various deposit options available to you!  

Unibet Sportsbook Review – What we DO NOT Like

From all the sportsbooks we have reviewed Unibet counts amongst the top sportsbooks in the industry. With that being said Unibet sportsbook, does lag in some departments. Here follows the negatives of Unibet, in our Unibet sportsbook review.

  • An “Average” Rugby Betting Sportsbook

As our name suggests we are a rugby website, we are always interested and looking for bookmakers offering rugby bonuses and promotions. While Unibet certainly does cover rugby betting, we can’t help to feel that rugby gets somewhat neglected when it comes to Unibet and rugby betting. We say this, since we have found that Unibet sportsbook offers very little in terms of rugby betting promotions and bonus coupons. Which other sportsbooks like BetVictor does so well, with their odds boost and rugby coupons. Unfortunately this is not the case with Unibet.

  • Reputation for closing accounts from big gamblers who are constantly winning

At rugby betting before we do a bookmaker review, we make sure to do as much research as possible, before publishing the review since we want you, the reader, to get the most accurate and correct information when it comes to selecting a sportsbook. When we did our research for the unibet sportsbook review, we found numerous sources on the internet that revealed Unibet has been known to close players accounts who often win large sums of money and freezing their funds while an investigation is opened against the player. While this will certainly not affect your regular sports punter, or rather 99% of users, regardless of that being the case we feel in principal freezing professional gamblers accounts are wrong hence us giving them a negative point for it! There are not many people who can make a living out of sports betting, however you do get people who manage to make a living out of sports betting. For Unibet to freeze their account is essentially the same as retrenching them!

The following comment was posted by Kevin on the soccerwidow website regarding Unibet and the closing of professional gamblers accounts

I have won consistently for over a year over £20k and can say without doubt that some bookmakers do ban you when you win consistently. I cannot place bets with Unibet even for peny stakes.

To continue betting I have to share my methods with others and get them to put my money on until they get closed down again.

My question is surely this is unfair trading and cannot be legal and the Government should be looking in to unfair business practices (Ok to take bets from losing clients only).

When I ask why my bets are declined/restricted all I am told is that it is a traders decision and cannot be altered but no it isn’t because I win LOL.


Unibet Sportsbook Review – The Verdict

With all things being equal Unibet online sportsbook can easily compete with the best sportsbooks in the industry. They offer a seamless user interface, and some superb signup bonuses. It should be mentioned however that if you are a rugby better Unibet is probably not the ideal sportsbook for you, and you might want to look at alternative options such as Skybet for rugby gambling! With that being said we realize some of our readers might also be interested in gambling on other sports. If that is the case then we would strongly recommend opening an account with Unibet, providing you are not a professional sports gambler.