Rugby Bet Types Explained

This post follows from Part-1 “an introduction to sport betting.” In tutorial 1 we learned how to open an account and place either a straight or a handicap bet. This post will cover more advanced rugby bet types. Statistically rugby is one of the best sports to bet on and return a profit. However more often than not, the profits are in different rugby bet types, instead of the straight or handicap betting.

Introduction to Alternative Rugby Bet Types

Instead of placing a straight or handicap bet, there are many alternative rugby bet types you can make a wager on. These bet types are often referred to as markets. The number of markets (rugby bet types) offered differs from bookmaker to bookmaker , but there are some general markets that all bookmakers will offer. What follows will be an introduction into alternative rugby bet types that you have the option to placing a bet on:

1.Points Market

rugby bet types explained

rugby points market

The 1st bet type we will be looking at is the points market. As can be seen from the image above there are numerous  points markets you can place a wager on,  from which team will score 1st, to if the total points will be odd or even. It is important to note at this point that some markets are better than others.

You probably wont want to place a bet on if the 1st half/2nd half points will end up as odd or even, since that is like playing roulette with your money. Sport betting, is different from casino games in the sense that bookies has less control over the outcome of the game. That is why you can be very profitable when making smart sport bets, there are actually people so successful at sport betting that they do it full-time as their job! The moral of the story is you want to filter the points market, to find the bet type that will give you the greatest chance of success.

Finding a profitable market

Some smart betting options in the points market are, race to ten points, or first scoring points. However as I mentioned in all my tutorials research is key to successful betting. With that in mind let us have a more detailed look at some of the smarter and more profitable point markets, namely race to ten points and first scoring points.

points market expanded

points market odds

You should notice 3-things when looking at this image, if you have been following the previous tutorials.

  1. The Odds are in a different format.
  2. Both teams have the same payout odds (near even money)
  3. I filtered (highlighted) the more profitable bet types, in the point markets.

Let us examine each of these 3-points in more detail:

1. Different Odds Format

In our previous tutorial we explained the odds using decimal odds (1.50), which in my opinion is the easiest odds format to read. The image above makes use of an odds format known as fractional odds (10/11). You can read fractional odds by starting at the right and read to the left. In this example Gloucester’s odds are 5/6 to score 1st, if you place a $6 wager you will get back your $6 plus a $5 return, resulting in a total payout of $11. The problem comes in when  you want to place a bigger wager. As an example let us assume you want to place a $75 wager on Gloucester to score first, can you immediately know what your payout will be should you win? Unless you are very skilled in mathematics I assume not.

Not to worry – the formula for converting fractional odds into decimal odds is as follow:  divide fraction and add 1 (1/2+1=1.50). Luckily most bookmakers will offer you the option to change the odds to the style you prefer, this can usually be done in settings.

2. Both teams has the same payout odds.

You will notice both teams have the same payout odds namely 5/6 or 10/11. Let us work with decimal odds and convert it  1(5/6+1  = 1.83), thus the decimal odds are 1.83 for either team. This will not always be the case where the odds are similar for both teams in rugby bet types, especially when stronger teams play weaker teams. However because the bookmaker believes there is not much difference between the two teams, in terms of strength, they made the odds equal.

You will find the odds for a match where, as an example, Japan plays New-Zealand the odds will be much shorter (less) for New-Zealand and much longer (higher) for Japan because of the difference in strength.

3. Finding the most profitable bet types

As mentioned above I have highlighted, on the image, the bet types that are more profitable (where you have a better chance of success). When examining the points market your best two bet types are, first scoring points and race to ten points. This is where you want to start doing research.

Race to ten points 

Some teams are known to be quick starters, sprinting out of the blocks by scoring points early in the game. This can be contributed to the fact that some teams are more willing to take risks earlier in the game than others. The race to ten points, rugby betting type, can be a great way to make a profit, providing you have done the correct research.

In the above example I am not sure which team will win, since they are very close in terms of strength, but I strongly believe Worcester will win the race to ten points and score 1st.

I say this because of 2-reasons, out of their previous 10 games Worcester scored first 7 times. Also the fact that Worcester is playing at home, thus having the home field advantage, strongly suggests to me that they are likely to score the 1-st points, having the crowd behind them. Using my betting algorithm (which I will reveal in the next tutorial) I give Worcester a 70% chance of winning the race to ten points. Seventy percent suggests to me the bet is very likely to win (payout) so I will bet 15% of my bankroll. This is also part of my betting strategy, which I will explain in the next tutorial.

First Scoring Points

Because I believe Worcester will win the race to ten points I will also use, the rugby betting type – first scoring points, to place a small bet on Worcester to score first. I suggest you do this for 2-reasons. As mentioned above I believe Worcester will win the race to 10-points. More often than not the team which scores first win the race to ten points, thus it will result in a double payout for me should I win. Alternatively it also serves as a “safety bet” should the team you placed a wager on lose the race to ten points, you still have a chance by making the first scoring points bet.

Race to ten points  & First Scoring Points – suggested betting strategy

When using rugby bet types, such as the points market, I suggest you use the following strategy. Research and decide which team will win the race to ten points. Decide how much of your bankroll you are willing to use for the bet – race to ten points.

Take 75% of your amount and place it on the team you believe will win the race to ten points. Use the other 25% and place it on, team to score first. By doing this you give yourself a double chance, and a safety bet. As mentioned above more often than not the team that scores first wins the race to ten points, however in the unlikely situation that they, score first but lose the race to ten points, you will still win your safety bet, team to score first.

The Money Is In The Research

I can not emphasize this enough, research is key to making a winning bet. Many bookmakers offers historical statistics and research options for their customers which is a very nice service to have (see our bookmaker review page for more information.) Looking at image-2  you can see that there is a option for neither team to win the race to ten points. This means that no team will score more than ten points. The odds are very long at 50/1 or 50.0. If you do some proper research you will find big rivalries and a match where both teams has a strong defense often result in a low scoring match.

If you find such a match you might want to place a bet on neither team to score ten points If the weather is bad, meaning heavy rain or snow is forecasted this can be a smart bet to make. Most recently Wales played against Australia in horrible weather – the match ended 6-3 in Australia’s favor. Had you placed a bet, say for $10, on neither team to score ten points, you would have won $500! These types of matches does not happen often but they do come around every now and then so make sure to keep a close eye on upcoming rugby fixtures.


This ends part-1 of our rugby betting tutorial. This post learned you about rugby bet types, and focused specifically on the points market. Our next tutorial will cover the winning margin market, which is one of the best rugby bet types to bet on. Be sure not to miss it!

Have a question for us, or still unsure about something? Drop us a comment below and we will be glad to help and answer your question! Happy betting!


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