Rugby Betting Tips For Profitable Returns

This post will cover rugby betting tips, providing the user with both tips and strategies to become a more successful rugby punter. Before we start diving into rugby tipping strategies, let it be said right from the start that rugby betting is not easy! There are many websites providing rugby betting tips and picks for a monthly subscription fee. While we are neither for or against these services, the goal of this post is to “put the power in your hands,” helping you to make smart rugby wagers without having to rely on a rugby tipping service, or a websites prediction.

Rugby Betting Tips – Rugby Tipping For Bigger Returns

A common rugby tipping strategy used by many inexperienced rugby punters is to make use of websites offering, rugby tipping in the form of  previews and predictions. The problem with this is that the prediction is only as good as the author of the article. Often the prediction might be biased, with the author rather favouring “his or her team” instead of making the smart prediction. Secondly there is no certain way of knowing how accurate the prediction is or what it is based on. The best rugby tipping comes in the form of knowledge which we are going to give you below.

Before making your wager consider the following.

Rugby Tipping , Tip number 1 Current Team Form

How many games have the team won, are they currently on a roll. A team who has won many games in a row is always a smart bet, even if they are underdogs. The best example of this is the Cheetahs rugby team in Super rugby 2014. They started their season with one win and four losses. However they started to get things right and won 6 games in a row, even though they were underdogs for all that games.

When a team has won 3 or more games in a row, consider backing them, they are on a winning streak and the trend is likely to continue.

Compare the two opposing  teams form. As a recent example, from the past super rugby season, consider the following:

Stormers vs Crusaders at Christchurch, New-Zealand. On paper the Crusaders are the better team and they have the home field advantage. The Crusaders are heavy favourites, despite the fact that they have lost their recent 2-games. On the other side the Stormers although playing away from home, and having a slightly weaker team on paper they have won their last 4-games. Despite the Crusaders being heavy favourites the Stormers ended up winning the match.


Stick with a team who has a winning record. A team who has won a couple of matches in a row, means that:

  1. The teams moral is high
  2. They are likely to have a winning game plan
  3. A winning trend, leads to a winning culture within the team.

All the above is vital for a successful rugby team. Rugby betting tips – if a team check all of the tick boxes above, consider making a wager on them.

Rugby Tipping , Tip number 2 Injuries and key players

The key to becoming a successful sports punter is to read a lot. Keep up to date with news and take in as much knowledge as you can. Before making a wager on a team, consider their current squad. Because of the physical nature of rugby, which is arguably one of the most  physical sports next to boxing, injuries are a very common occurrence.


Before placing your bet consider if the team is fit and healthy. If there are injuries to any key players, especially in key positions, like flyhalf and scrumhalf or even the captain, find out who the replacement is. If it is a rookie replacement, beware and consider skipping your wager.

On the other side if your team is fit and healthy and the opposing team has some injury problems, continue and make your wager.

As an example, from last years super rugby tournament, the Sharks were a great team lead by Patrick Lambie, they were on a winning role and heading for the playoffs. In a crucial game at Kingsmead in Durban, Patrick Lambie got injured and tore his knee ligaments, he was out roled out for the remainder of the season. After the injury the Sharks lost their next game and started on a downward spiral missing the playoff spot.

Rugby Betting Tips – Even though rugby is a team sport certain players in certain positions plays a tremendous role in the overall success of a team, do you research and make sure the team you want to bet on is fit and healthy.

Rugby Tipping , Tip number 3 Offense and Defense 

A successful team is able to score points, take New-Zealand’s rugby team as an example, the All Blacks. New-Zealand’s rugby team is full of playmakers, they are able to score from anywhere on the field at any time, that’s why they are so successful.

As a general rule of thumb making a wager on the team with the best offense, is a smart bet.

Rugby betting tips – To determine which team has the best offense do the following:


Take all the points the team has scored in the current tournament and divide it by the number of games played. As an example if the Chiefs have played 9 games in the super rugby tournament, and scored a total of 275 points  they are averaging 30.5 points per game. Do the same with the opposition team. Whichever team averages the most points per game can be considered as the team with the best offense.


Rugby is a complex game with offense and defense both playing a critical role. A team can shift from defense to offense and than back to defence in a matter of seconds.

With the above being said it is of no use if a team has a good offense, but a weak defense. The perfect team is a well balanced team with both a good offense and defense. 

Rugby betting tips – To determine a teams defensive capabilities, do the following.

Take all the points the team has conceded in the current tournament and divide it by the number of games played. Sticking with the Waikato Chiefs, in our example, If the Chiefs have played 9 games in the Super Rugby Tournament, and a total of 168 points were scored AGAINST them, they are conceding an average of 16.8 points per game. Again do the same with the opposition team. Whichever team averages the least points per game can be considered as the team with the best defensive capabilities.

Rugby Tipping , Tip number 4 The Place Kicker

The goal kicker / place kicker, which is usually the flyhalf, plays a massive role in the outcome of a rugby match, since he is the one that kicks for goal. Penalties gets awarded to a team on average 10-13 times during a rugby match. In many situations the team that gets awarded the penalty will choose to kick for goal, if the kick is successful it will lead to 3-points for the team.

As a recent example consider the recent world cup match against Wales and England. Wales and England were all tied up at 24-points, in a critical match for both teams. In the dying moments of the game, Wales got awarded a penalty approximately 52-meters from their own goal line. They selected to kick for goal. Wales flyhalf Dan Biggar stepped up and kicked a huge penalty goal that ultimately won the game for Wales, as can be seen from the video below.

History has showed us that teams with a good goal kicker has traditionally been winning teams.

Rugby betting tips – To determine the accuracy of a teams goal kicker do the following:

Take the number of goal kicks from the team’s place kicker and divide it be the number of successful kicks, multiply this number with 100 to get the goal kickers accuracy. 

The team with the goal kicker who has the highest accuracy, is likely to win. Especially if it is considered to be a tight game with little to choose between the two teams, as described in our example above with Wales and England, the goal kicker proved to be the difference!

Rugby Betting Tips – Conclusion

Before making your wager closely consider the following points that we discussed above.

  1. Current Team Form
  2. Injuries & Key Players
  3. Offense & Defense
  4. Goal Kicker

By taking the above points into consideration and comparing the two teams against each other using the above four points you are likely to be more successfull in your rugby wagers.

It should be mentioned that upsets happen and numerous other variables can come into play, however the mentioned points are generally considered the most important factors influencing a teams success. By doing your research and factoring in the above four variables you are likely to have more winning bets!

Do yo agree with our rugby betting tips, do you have some tips of your own? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

Remember the money is in the research!

The Rugby Betting Crew.