Rugby Odds – Line shopping For Bigger Returns

Rugby odds differ from bookmaker to bookmaker, as much as the colour black differs from white. When it comes to rugby betting and getting the best value bet for your money, line shopping in rugby is vital to ensure you get the best rugby odds.

Rugby Odds – What is line shopping?

Imagine you are looking to buy a new computer. It is unlikely that you will buy the 1st computer you see, a user is likely to compare prices from various shops comparing prices and specs, amongst others. In a nutshell the above is exactly what line shopping is. You compare the rugby odds offered by different bookmakers to see who offers the best price for the match you are interested to bet on. However it is not only the price that differs from bookmaker to bookmaker the spread can also differ, which can play a significant role in the outcome of your bet.

Here is an example as to how much rugby odds can differ by different sportsbooks.

rugby odds

Sportingbet rugby odds

line shopping for best rugby odds

Williamhill odds vs Sportingbet odds

As can be seen from the example, for the market six nations outright winner, there is a considerable difference in odds offered by the two different bookmakers, in this case Williamhill and Sportingbet.

Both bookmakers agree that England is the favourite to win the Six Nations, which we have questioned in our post, six nations betting preview, however that is out of the scope for this post.

What is important to realize from the above is that Sportingbet offers shorter odds on the favourite, England, while all other teams are offered at better, much better odds compared to Williamhill. Using another practical example, if you select Wales to win the six-nations outright, Wales six nation odds are rather short @3.75 with Williamhill compared to a very generous offer from sportingbet offering wales 6-nations rugby odds at 4.20.

We mentioned in the introduction to this post how important rugby line shopping is since rugby odds can vary quite drastically between sportsbooks, the above example illustrates this point beautifully. Consider the implication of this for a moment. If you place a wager for a $1000 on Wales to win outright it will lead to a return of $3750 with Williamhill, compare this to sportingbet where the exact same bet will give you a return of $4200. That is a $450 difference in profit, if you thought rugby odds line shopping was not important, I hope the above example changed your mind. It is extremely important!

Line shopping – ensuring you get the best rugby odds

Another interesting thing that our example above highlights is the fact that sportingbet offers lower odds on the favourite, while offering much better odds on the underdog. Sportingbet has traditionally been known for shorting their odds on favourite teams, especially when it comes to rugby, in the same breath they are renowned for their good prices on underdogs. So what is the best way to ensure you get the best odds on offer? The answer is simple really, have multiple accounts with multiple bookmakers! To prove just how vital line shopping in rugby is let us bring another bookmaker into the equation.

BetVictor, one of the leading UK bookmakers, who is especially renowned for their generous rugby odds will even give you better returns should you want to make a bet on Wales to win the Six-Nations rugby tournament, which is a very smart bet we may add!


BetVictor Six Nations Rugby Odds

Let us summarize the line shopping technique into a table, assuming the user places a $100 wager on Wales for an outright win, to see just how big a difference line shopping in rugby really can make!

Wales Odds – Williamhill Wales Odds – Sportingbet Wales Odds – BetVictor
3.75 4.20 4.33
Return $375 Return $420 Return $433
Rugby Odds And Line Shopping Conclusion

By looking at the above table it should now be pretty clear just how important it is to look around at different bookmakers for better rugby odds. On a mere $100 wager there is more than a $60 extra return you can make by simply doing a bit of line shopping.

To bottom line:

To ensure you get the best rugby odds, ensure you have multiple account with a number of bookmakers at least 3, just by using this simply technique described above you can increase your profits by between 10-20% which is massive. Remember smart gambling – leads to better returns!

Good Luck from all at the rugby betting crew.