Rugby Union Betting strategies

This is the last tutorial in the 3-part rugby union betting guide series. If you are new to rugby union betting, I suggest you first read our introduction to rugby betting. If you have followed our previous tutorials, you should now have a solid understanding of rugby betting fundamentals.

This guide will take a slightly different approach than the, previous tutorials, where we mainly focused on different rugby betting types. Now having a strong understanding of rugby union betting, we will not examine different betting markets, as in previous tutorials. There are many different rugby betting types and markets that we have not touched on. However the foundation have been build and you should now be comfortable to examine and understand these different rugby betting markets on your own. I might do a future post exploring markets that have not been explored, should it be requested.

Part-3 of our rugby betting tutorial is the most important tutorial of the series, here we will cover different rugby union betting strategies, helping you (the reader) to get the most out of what has been learned in the previous rugby betting guides. We will explore and learn about various ruby betting strategies, to ensure you get more wins than losses, which is the ultimate goal.

Winning & Losing

It is important to realize not all of your bets will result in winnings . Upsets happen, a winning bet can turn into a losing bet within seconds. The most devastating feeling is when you make a bet, be it a straight bet, or any other type of bet. You are watching the event and you are winning!

It is the final bleeding seconds of the game (the last moments), you can taste the victory and the payout, and then suddenly in the last seconds the opposition team unexpectedly gets a penalty or makes an interception, resulting in your winning bet turning into a losing bet!

It is a sinking feeling – however such is the nature not only of rugby betting but sports betting in general. My point is you will not always win, and you have to realize that and be prepared to take loses! Your objective should be to develop rugby union betting strategies, where you will win more than you lose, and that is the ultimate goal!

Formulating Successful Rugby Union Betting Strategies.

With the above in mind, realizing we will not win every bet, we now need to develop rugby union betting  strategies which will ensure we win more than we lose. Needless to say our ultimate objective is to win more bets than we lose. When you can achieve the latter you are making a profit!

  • Strategy 1 – small odds, large bets

Making large bets on short odds.

This is one of the most commonly used strategies, you can make easy money by making large bets, on matches that you are sure of the outcome. Here is an example

rugby short odds

Making Large Bets On Small Odds

In the above example Toulon has very small odds @1.12. Doing your research, looking at previous results, and players on both teams, it is clear Toulon has a 99% chance of winning.

The Strategy 

Here you want to place a LARGE bet on Toulon to win. If you place a $1000 on Toulon, when they win you will receive a return of $1112, thus resulting in a profit of $112! Not bad for a days work!  

Risk and Reward

The above strategy is all about weighing up your risk against your reward. As mentioned above, I did my research and I give Toulon a 90%+ chance of winning thus I am willing to take the risk of a $1000 wager, and I am happy with the reward which will give me back 11% of my risk (the thousand dollars)

A word of warning

You can be very successful by using the above rugby betting strategy, however I cant stress enough how essential it is to do your research! Bookmakers are aware of punters using this rugby betting strategy so, sometimes they might make the odds short even though it should not be short.

As an example: Lets say team-1 plays team-2. The odds for team-1 is set at @1.22 by the bookmaker, when in reality the teams are closer than suggested by the odds. A player might think since team-1 is set at odds of @1.22 they are likely to win, thus placing a large bet on team-1. Because the odds were “crooked” by the bookie team-2 wins the game and the player loses a large amount of their bankroll. The moral of the story is you can be very successful by using the small odds, large bet, rugby betting strategy. However it is essential to do your research, compare players, look at previous results, the teams current form, the weather etc. Weigh up your risk vs your reward  – when you feel comfortable with the risk and the reward continue with the bet else move on and don’t place the wager!

  • Strategy 2 rugby union betting strategies – long odds, small bets 

This strategy is, nearly the opposite of strategy-1. It can result in great profits, but also large losses if you don’t know what you are doing. Let us examine it in more details.

This rugby betting strategy involves going against the spread, and making a bet on the underdog. Let us look at an example:

rugby union betting strategy - long odds

Betting on the underdog

In the above image Scarlets are set at odds of 4.00. This can be quite a lucrative bet, by doing research  and comparing player by player it is clear that Scarlets has an actual chance of winning!

Weighing up the risk

Having done my research it is clear that this will be a much closer match than the odds suggests. Looking at the odds the Bookmakers believe Glasgow Warriors have a 80% chance of winning, and Scarlets  a 20% chance of winning.

In reality research suggest that the match will be more of a 50-50 contest. More evidents suggests it will be a closer contest than the odds suggests by looking at the handicap which is set at 7-points, meaning the bookmakers say there is only a converted try difference between these two teams. Anything might happen Scarlets can get an interception, a penalty try or simply outplay Glasgow.

I give myself a 50% chance of winning this bet, which is extremely good when looking at the odds. Thus I will place a relatively small wager on Scarlets. say $50 if my bet wins it will result in a $200 payout, resulting in a $150 profit!

A word of warning

When new punters look at different rugby union betting strategies, they are often tempted to go for strategy-2, chasing long odds. It is often very tempting to place a wager on a rugby match with long odds, however the reality is the wager will often result in a losing bet more often than not.

When using strategy-2 you want to ensure, you did the proper research and picked the correct match to bet on the underdog. As mentioned in strategy-1, bookmakers will sometimes “fix” the odds to make it look that one team is stronger than the other, these are the types of wagers you are after. The only way you can find these matches is by doing your homework. Remember the money is in the research!




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