Rugby Union Betting – Part 2 Continued

This post continues where we left of, with different rugby union betting types explained (Tutorial 2 – Part 1). In the previous tutorial we looked at different rugby union betting types, specifically focusing on the score market. In this tutorial we will continue to look at the different betting markets, focusing on more advanced markets like winning margins. Betting on rugby union winning margins can be very profitable, since you can get better odds than making straight bets or handicap bets. Here follows our guide to rugby union winning margins.

Rugby Union Betting – Winning Margins Guide

When placing a bet on a rugby match, there are many different markets (betting types) as explained in tutorial 2 part 1. This tutorial will focus on winning margins, which can be one of your most profitable bet types, providing you know what you are doing.

rugby union betting winning margins

Winning Margins


What are winning margins?

As can be seen from the image above winning margins, involves placing a bet on which team you think will win and with how many points they will win.  In this case the annual derby between Worcester Warriors and Gloucester will be used as our rugby union betting example.

Looking at the image above you can see all the odds are, long odds with high payouts. If you think Worcester will win you need to select with how many points they will win. Should you make the top selection, which is highlighted “Worcester Warriors(1-5)” your bet will win providing Worcester wins with 1 to 5 points. Example should the match end and the score is Worcester 35 – Gloucester 32 your will have a winning bet since Worcester won with 3-points. Had Worcester won but with more than 5-points you will have a losing bet.

The Profits Are In The Margins

Rugby union betting, winning margins are one of my favorite betting types. You might think why bet on margins since it is difficult to predict with how many points a team will win. Again this is where research comes in, besides research I use a method, when betting on margins which is very simple.

Making Successful Winning Margin Bets

As covered in our 1st tutorial rugby union handicap betting is a method, bookmakers use to “even out” the match.

rugby union betting handicapping

Handicap example

In the example (Worcester vs Gloucester) this is a difficult match to predict, both teams are very even, the bookmakers believe even though it will be a close match Gloucester will win. You can see this in the handicap market where the bookmakers gives Worcester a +1 start, thus suggesting Gloucester is the slightly stronger team.

Follow The Bookies

Bookmakers make the handicap for rugby union betting based on numerous statistics and sophisticated algorithms. The bookmakers are not always right, but most of the time they are right! We will use the bookmakers handicap, as a guide to select our winning margin.

Since the bookies believe this will be a close match with Gloucester, scraping through with a win, the smart bet will be, not to play the handicap but rather to play the winning margins. Why? Because you get much better odds!

Placing a bet on Gloucester to win with 1-5 points results in long odds of 5.50. Needless to say this is much better than the 1.91 offered for the handicap bet. Using my betting algorithm (coming in the next tutorial) I give Gloucester  a 65% chance of winning, and I am very sure this will be a very closely contested match. The smart bet will be to place a bet on the winning margin with Gloucester to win with 1-5 points, which is a great take at 5.50! If you place $20 on Gloucester to win with 1-5 points, and they win with 1-5 point,  you will get a return of $110! In this example I give the suggested bet about a 60% – 65% chance of success! This is certainly much better than playing roulette where your chance of success is less than 50% if you play black or white, and you get better odds! Thus if you do not have a rugby union betting account I suggest you sign up NOW!


While margin betting can deliver great profits it is not advised to use, rugby winning margin betting, on certain matches. Often during championship matches such as the upcoming Super Rugby Tournament you will find strong teams playing against weaker teams. It is not advisable to make winning margin bets on these type of matches, since it can often result in the stronger team running away with the match. As an example consider the upcoming Super Rugby Tournament where a team like the Crusaders, from New Zealand, plays against the Timberwolves, from Japan.

Needless to say the Crusaders will win and win big. What will you pick for a winning margin bet? Crusaders by 30-35, 40-50? Such types of matches are best avoided since it is very difficult to pick a winning margin.


Rugby union betting, especially winning margin betting can give you great returns! The best type of winning margin betting is found in matches that are closely contested, where teams are of equal strength. Do your research on previous results, and use the bookmakers handicap as a guide to what the winning margin will be. By sticking to this strategy you are likely to win more often than not.

Got a question? Still uncertain about rugby union winning margin betting or want to open an account? Drop as a comment below and we will be happy to help!

Goodluck and remember to gamble responsibly!

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