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sportingbet saAttention all South African users we have great news for you!

We have added an additional bookmaker to the superb list of rugby bookmakers already offered by rugby betting to our South African users – If you are an South African resident this is a bookmaker you certainly want to familiarize yourself with…Read right on!

Rugby betting has exclusively partnered with Sportingbet South Africa to bring our loyal visitors (yes you) some of the biggest and best bonuses in the entire South African gambling industry!

Sportingbet Brief History

The Sportingbet chain is one of the most respected and longest-serving bookmakers around the world.

Sportingbet was founded in 1996 and has since built up a reputation, in its nearly 20-years of operation, which is second to none.

Sportingbet South Africa is South Africa’s largest online bookmaker, both in terms of active users and betting volume.

The above comes as no surprise since Sportingbet SA is far superior in each and every aspect when compared to any other South African bookie, which can currently be found on the South African gambling circuit.

Unlike, bookmakers such as HollywoodBets, which has a brick and mortar location as well as an online presence, Sportingbet SA operates only online.

This is important since it means Sportingbet South Africa’s has a significantly lower operating cost, which they (Sportingbet SA) in turn passes on to their users, ultimately resulting in much better odds and bigger bonuses which other SA sportsbooks like HollywoodBets or simply can’t compete with

The Proof is in the Pudding

Want proof of just how good Sportingbet South Africa is, when compared to other South African sportsbooks? The table below sums it up nicely where we compare Sportingbet South Africa with some other well-known South African sportsbooks.


Metrics Sportingbet South Africa HollywoodBets
1* Example Match:

Lions @ Sharks

Sharks: 1.83

Lions: 2.00

Sharks 1.50

Lions 1.60

Sharks 1.50

Lions 1.55

2* Signup Bonus 100% matching deposit + Ongoing loyalty program No Bonus No Bonus
3* Average Bookmakers Margin 4.44% 8.86% 7.25%


Consider the table above, notice the huge difference in odds offered by Sportingbet compared to the other bookmakers. Let us consider the odds difference in a practical example.

  1. ODDS

Staying with our featured match example, Lions vs Sharks @ Kings Park.

Assume a user place a wager of R1000 (ZAR) on the Lions, the user will receive the following payout (assuming it is a winning wager):

  • Sportingbet SA pays out: R1830(ZAR)
  • HollywoodBets pays out: R1500(ZAR)
  • pays out: R1555(ZAR)

Notice the huge difference in payout between these 3-bookmakers, Sportingbet South Africa pays out R300 (ZAR) more than all the other bookmakers in the above wager, which is huge!

They (Sportingbet SA) consistently beat all South African sportsbooks / bookmakers in terms of odds, which (as you know) means bigger returns for you the user.

  1. Bonus

Consider the bonus offered by Sportingbet compared to other online South African bookmakers namely and HollywoodBets.

Let us assume a user makes a deposit of R1000 (ZAR) for his/her first deposit.  The user will receive the following for his / her first deposit:

  • Sportingbet: Deposit = R1000 (ZAR) + 100% matching bet = R2000 (ZAR) bankroll
  • HollywoodBets; Deposit = R1000(ZAR) No Bonus
  • Deposit = R1000(ZAR) No Bonus

By examining the above two points it is clear to see why Sportingbet is South Africa’s largest online bookmaker.

Sportingbet offers:

  • much better odds
  • take a lower profit margin
  • offer a superb 100% matching deposit bonus.

Sportingbet Loyalty Program

However, that is not where Sportingbet stops!

Sportingbet is one of the only bookmakers which has a loyalty program, and it is by far the best loyalty program in South Africa, if not the best loyalty program in the entire world!

Sportingbet pays out their loyalty bonus weekly thus,

The Rewards Club runs every week from 00:00 SAST on Mondays until 23:59 SAST on Sundays.

On the Monday morning, your points total for the previous week will get paid out as a reward based on the level you reached.

The Reward will automatically get credited to your account, thus, there is  no need to click “claim reward” or go through complicated processes.

Rewards is calculated as follow:

Total stake (amount of bet) / Number of selections in bet = Reward

Example: If you place a bet of R100 (ZAR) on a single selection you will get 10 points. However, if you place an R100 (ZAR) bet with a treble selection you will earn 30-points.

It boils down to this, the more you bet the more rewards you earn, which gets paid out in cash every Monday!


It is not hard to see why Sportingbet South Africa is the largest online sportsbook in SA, offering unbeatable odds, a generous signup bonus, and the best loyalty program in South Africa.
This is definitely a bookmaker you want to join!


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