Spread Betting In Rugby

If you are new to sport betting, one of the most used terms you will encounter is spread betting, but what exactly is spread betting? This post will look at what spread betting in rugby involves and how you can use it to your advantage.

Spread Betting In Rugby

In sports betting you get two types of teams, a favorite and an underdog. Simply put spread betting in rugby is a way to level the playing field, by giving the underdog an equal chance of winning against the favorite team. This is accomplished by giving the underdog, team which is likely to lose, a head start against the favorite team.

Rugby spread betting example:

The Six Nations rugby union tournament kicks off in February, the opening match will feature France taking on Italy. Although Italian rugby has improved tremendously in the past-5 years since being introduced to the six nations tournament, France is still an overwhelming favourite to win win the opening match, because of four reasons.

  1. France is one of the favourites to win the Six Nations tournament in 2016.
  2. France will be playing at home.
  3. Italy has never won a match against France, as the away team.
  4. France has a much stronger team.

With the above in mind the France vs Italy Six Nations match produces the following odds:

spread betting in rugby

odds without spread betting

As can be seen from the above odds table France are clear favourites to win the match. The above odds are unlikely to attract many people betting on the match, due to two-reasons. If you place a bet on Italy you will get a good return, however betting on Italy is a huge risk since they are very likely to lose the match, not many smart rugby gamblers are prepared to take that risk. Secondly a bet on France will result in very small returns since it is almost set in-stone that France will win the match. Experienced rugby gamblers might very well use this match to use the short odds, large bet strategy, however it is out of the scope of this post.

Needless to say bookmakers want as many people as possible to bet on a match, since that is how they make their money. Also the vast majority of rugby gamblers prefer to bet on a match the gives more even odds. This is where spread betting in rugby is used to level the playing field and allow rugby gamblers the opportunity to bet on the above match with better odds.

spread betting in rugby

Using the above example rugby spread betting will be used to “level the playing field” between underdog and favorite, resulting in a more even bet, here is an example of spread betting in rugby.

rugby spread betting

spread betting in rugby

As can be seen from the above odds table, the bookmakers made use of rugby spread betting to give both teams an equal chance, resulting in odds being much more favorable for rugby punters. Looking at the example above the match will start with Italy having a +15-point start. In gambling terms this means that when the match starts the score will be France 0 Italy 15.

Two Sides to The Spread

Needless to say where you see the “+” sign assigned to a team it means that team is the underdog for the match, and the other way round, where the team with the “-” sign being the favourite. Continuing with the above example you can either make a wager either on France to cover the spread or Italy to cover the spread. All this mean is that you can make a bet on which team you think will win the spread. Here is an example:  If you pick Italy to cover the spread it means that Italy will lose with less than 15-points. On the contrary if you pick France to cover the spread it means that you are expecting France to win with more than 15-points. If the team you placed a bet on covered the spread, you have a winning bet!

spread betting in rugby – tips and advice

Tip1: In the above example you will notice that Italy opens at quite a large spread with +15 points. New gamblers will often be tempted to go for the underdog with a large “plus” spread. It is tempting to make a rugby bet, knowing that your team has +15 points on the scoreboard before the game even started. While a large underdog spread can often be a good bet, especially if the underdog plays well on the day, the reality is a large plus spread is not always a positive. There is a reason why the team has a large plus spread, so make sure you do your research before placing a bet.

Tip2: Beware of the draw! Bookmakers are surprisingly accurate when creating rugby spreads. Having read over the previous 2 paragraphs you should have noticed two things. There is a draw column in the odds table, and I re-iterated, the word “more”, i.e to cover the spread your team will have to win/lose with more than 15-points. What I mean by this is simple. If you have selected Italy with a handicap of +15 and the match ends with a score differential of 15 points, you will lose your bet, since they did not win with more than 15-points the result is a draw!

Tip3: To counter against the draw you can select a team by the spread + 1/2 point option. Although you get slightly shorter odds resulting in a smaller payout, the difference is minimal. It is well worth going this way, the amount of rugby bets I have lost with the spread ending in a draw, over the years is quite astonishing. Protect yourself by enforcing the 1/2 point bet which ensures there is no draw. Here is an example of what spread betting in rugby will look like that eliminates the draw. Sticking with our example of France vs Italy, instead of going for the spread France -15 /Italy +15 you can protect yourself from the draw by making a wager on the option that will be France -14.5 / Italy +14.5



Spread betting in rugby is a great way to even the playing field between underdogs and favourites for rugby gamblers, who are looking for odds that are closer to even money. While spread betting can return very good profits it is not always easy selecting which team will cover the spread, however by doing the proper research, looking into previous results, comparing players and both of the teams recent form guides, you can ensure you win more often than not. Consider this if you lose against the spread 40% of the time and win the spread 60% of the time, you are making a profit!

Handy Tip: You can use the odds calculator below to, insert your stake and odds offered to view your potential return on rugby spread betting.

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