Super Rugby Predictions Part 1

This is part-1 of Rugby Bettings, super rugby predictions series. Here follows 4 bold super rugby predictions of what we can expect from the upcoming super rugby tournament, more specifically focusing on the top South African franchises and what their prospects look like for Super Rugby 2016. In Part-2 of our super rugby predictions series, we will cover the Australasian conference.

4 Bold Super Rugby Predictions, What To expect From The South African Teams In Super Rugby 2016

Super Rugby Prediction 1: The Stormers will flop this season.

So close but yet so far, that is how you can sum up the stormers super rugby campaign over the past several years in 6-words. They have been in the hunt for the playoffs and topping the table consistently for a number of years now. Yet when it comes to crunch time they can never deliver. It can be argued that the Stormers inability to progress past the playoffs is largely due to an outdated game plan, with the emphasis being on defense while offering very little in terms of attack, despite having a pool of talented players at their disposal, perfectly capable of playing attacking rugby.

Yes, I will make the statement that the the Stormers lack of Super Rugby silverware is due to their coaching staff, enforcing the wrong gameplan and tactics!

With longtime Stormers coach, Allister Coetzee now having finally stepped down, the Stormers had a golden opportunity to bring in some much needed new coaching staff. Two world class coaches were interested in the Stormers coaching position. However again like only the Stormers can, when it came to crunch time they failed to deliver.

First they decided not to sign John Mitchell, for reasons still unknown. Mitchell has since moved on to the USA where he is now the new USA rugby coach (great news for American rugby) Then they had the golden opportunity to get, arguably the best coach in rugby, Sir Eddie Jones, however when it came to crunch time Eddie Jones was not signed and poached by the England International rugby team.

The Stormers situation now? Long time backline coach Robbie Fleck has taken over the head coaching role. With the Stormers having offered so little on attack, it is absolutely astonishing that they have appointed Robbie Fleck, since he can largely be blamed for their lack of offense.

Rugby Bettings, Super Rugby Prediction for the Stormers? The Stormers will continue to have no offense,and without Allister Coetzee who at least offered a a good defensive system now gone, there is little to no hope for the Stormers. Expect them to finish on the bottom half of the long, if not dead last.

Super Rugby Predictions For Stormers Betting.

Although it is early and the tournament is yet to start I will recommend to go against the spread for most of the Stormers games! Since the Stormers inability to play offensive rugby will continue to haunt them, combine that with the loss of some key players and their reliable defensive system now gone, it is bound to be a recipe for disaster!

Super Rugby Prediction 2: Expect the same old predictable Bulls

The Bulls Super Rugby team has lost the core of their players. They are no longer the physical team that teams once feared to play. No, on the contrary the Bulls are now getting dominated up front! In the Bulls golden years from 2006 – 2013 they had a core group of players executed their, kick and chase gameplan to perfection.

Since then with the loss of players like Morne Steyn, Dewald Potgieter, Bakkies Botha, Fourie DuPreez, Gurthro Steenkamp, Flip Van Der Merwe and countless others the Bulls will have to rethink their tactics and start building from scratch.

I do not predict the Bulls dominating upfront like they usually did and if they continue with their 10-man kicking game plan they will play right into opposition teams’ hands, since the pinpoint kicking accuracy of Morne Steyn and dominating forward pack is no longer there.

It should be mentioned as well, that even though the bulls still had their monstrous forward pack, rugby has since evolved and there is a much greater emphasis on an attacking style of rugby. If there are any doubts that the traditional 10-man kick and chase game plan can still be successful, the New-Zealand AllBlacks, have surely put all those doubts to rest.

Super Rugby Predictions – expect the Bulls to finish in the bottom 5 of the overall log.

Super Rugby Prediction 3: The Lions to be the best South African team

The Lions will be a team on a mission, they continue to improve year after year, despite having limited resources at their disposal. They will enter the super rugby tournament as a confident team having comprehensively beaten the Western Province (which is essentially the Stormers Franchise) in the domestic tournament.

Out of all the South African teams the Lions is the team that offers the most on offense. If they can play a bit of defense and learn to win away from home they might be the surprise package of the tournament.

Here is an interesting fact that not many people know, the Lions have actually won a Super Rugby tournament in 1996. Back then it was referred to as the Super 10 with only 10 teams participating in the tournament. Should SANZAR not have left it that way? That is a discussion for another day!

While I am not expecting anything drastic from the Lions, I am predicting that they will be responsible for a number of upsets.

Lions Super Rugby Prediction Lions to cause some major upsets and finish somewhere in the top half of the log

Super Rugby Prediction 4: Young Sharks team will struggle

You can’t help but to feel sorry for Shark supporters, there has been so many times where they could have won the Super Rugby trophy but then slipped up, “chocked” in the final. Out of the 2 super rugby finals the Sharks played they did not win one, losing heartbreakingly to the Bulls in Pretoria in the final seconds of the 2010 super rugby final.
The above was when the Sharks were still a competitive team, however with the loss of the stalwart DuPlesus brothers, combined with the loss of long time coach John Plumtree the Sharks are in a rebuilding phase. Gary Gold is yet to prove his coaching ability in the “rugby revolution” which have happened since 2014. The fact that Gary Gold is already complaining about his, teams draw, playing only New-Zealand teams indicates a lack of confidence to me.

Super Rugby Prediction: Expect a competitive Sharks team, but keep in mind they will be in a rebuilding phase during this tournament.

Super Rugby Predictions The Conclusion

The Southern Kings, who quite frankly does not deserve a spot in the Super Rugby Tournament and the Cheetahs has been purposefully omitted since their chance of even being remotely competitive in the upcoming Super Rugby Tournament is pretty much zero. The above teams have traditionally all been strong contenders in past Super Rugby tournaments, however looking at the top South African franchises it is clear to see that they will strugle in the upcoming tournament. I believe it is fair to say South African rugby is in a rebuilding phase, and the upcoming Super Rugby tournament will reflect it.

Do you agree with our Super Rugby Predictions? Can you see a South African franchise being realistic contenders this year? Drop us a comment and let us know your thoughts.


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