Super Rugby Round 7 Betting Tips & Previews

Super Rugby Round 7 kicks off on Friday, we have 7 fixtures to look forward to in round 7. Contrary to round 6, Super Rugby round 7 provides relatively easy selections with the exception of 1 or 2 games. This is rugby betting’s, super rugby predictions for round 7

Super Rugby Betting Predictions – Friday Matches

Round 7 Super RugbyChiefs vs Blues


It took approximately 4-rounds but the Chiefs have finally found their “mojo.” We believe the Chiefs are currently the best team in the tournament, and not many people will disagree with the statement.

The Brumbies, who destroyed every team on their home ground, resulted in many punters dubbing them as favourites for Super Rugby 2016.

However, that favourite tag was soon lost for the Brumbies as the Chiefs not only won them at AIG stadium, but totally destroyed them, and truly outplayed them in each and every area of the game.

The Chiefs won the Brumbies 23-48, scoring 6-tries in the process, which speaks volume about the Chiefs offense since the Brumbies are renowned for their defence.

Here are a few Statistics from the Chiefs for Super Rugby 2016

  • Tries: The Chiefs have scored 34-tries in the 6 games they have played till this far, which results in the Chiefs scoring on average 6-tries per match, which is huge!
  • Offloads: The Chiefs have a total of 78 offloads in Super Rugby 2016 until this far which means the Chiefs are averaging 14 offloads per game!
  • Clean Breaks: The number of offloads the Chiefs make per game, usually results in clean breaks, since the Chiefs have a total of 89 clean breaks, which means the Chiefs, make on average, 15 offloads per game, another huge statistic.
  • Defenders Beaten: The Chiefs have beaten 138 defenders until this far, meaning the Chiefs beat 23 defenders per game, which is yet another unbelievable statistic!

The above statistics in a nutshell means the Chiefs are leading Super Rugby 2016 in:

  • Number of tries scored
  • Total  offloads
  • Total clean breaks
  • Number of defenders beaten.

It is hard to see how the Blues can beat the Chiefs in the upcoming round 7 fixture.  The Chiefs are absolutely superb in all aspects of the game. The statistics, shown above, serves as proof to just how good the Chiefs are on offense.



The Blues, dubbed as the team of rugby betting for 2016, has been rather disappointing until this far.

With that being said, if the Blues can somehow manage to do the impossible, and pull of a win against the Chiefs in their round 7 super rugby fixture, the Blues can manage to get their campaign back on track.

The Blues have managed to get a hard fought victory against the Jaguares last week and they will hope that winning streak can continue in round 7.

The Question for Tana Umaga will be how do you beat the best offensive team in the tournament?

The answer to Umaga’s question is, you search for their (the Chiefs) weaknesses try to exploit it, while trying to match them on offense.

Here are some of the Chiefs weaknesses:

  • Turnovers: The Chiefs have conceded 96 turnovers until this far, resulting in the Chiefs conceding 16 turnovers per match!
  • Defence: The Chiefs defence is good, but not excellent they have an 83.7% tackle success rate, and have missed 98 tackles until this far, resulting in 16 missed tackled by the Chiefs per game.
  • Discipline: The Chiefs concede on average 10 penalties per game.


With the above in mind, the Blues need to realise they will have plenty of opportunities to attack on turnover ball.

If the Blues want to win the Chiefs they will need to exploit the Chiefs weakness, while playing to their strengths.

Any team playing against the Chiefs and relying on their defence to win the game, have already lost, since the number of offloads the Chiefs makes, just cuts through any defensive line.

To beat the Chiefs you have to fight fire with fire. In the Blues round 7 super rugby fixture they will need to attack the Chiefs relentlessly. Put them under pressure, keep kicking to a minimal, and when you kick make sure you kick it far out, preventing quick throw-ins.

Rugby Betting’s Round 7 Prediction Chiefs vs Blues:

While many will disagree with our prediction, we believe an upset is on the cards here. The Blues are a good team, they just need to start clicking.

The Blues pulled of an upset in round 1 against the Highlanders, a team very similar to the Chiefs thus, there is no reason why they can’t do the same in round 7. Blues by 5 points

What the Bookmakers Are Saying

As expected the Bookmakers, and probably 90% of our readers will disagree with our round 7 prediction against the Chiefs and Blues,

The Chiefs are huge favourites to win this one.

The Chiefs are on offer for 1.17 for a straight win.

If you agree, with our super rugby prediction and hoping for an upset, you can get the Blues from William Hill at a whopping @ 5.00, that’s worth a punt in our books, however don’t bet your house on it!

Punter who would like to play it safe can get a handicap from William Hill, they currently offer the best odds for the Chiefs vs Blues. The line has been set at +/- 12-points at odds if @1.91, click here to bet now and claim your signup bonus

Rugby Bettings Recommended Bet

A small punt on the Blues for a straight win at odds of from William Hill @5.00 (Confidence: 30%)

crusaders v force round 7Force VS Crusaders

There is real money to be make here folks. We are not going to delve to deep into this one since the winner should be rather obvious.


The Force had an absolutely dreadful New Zealand tour getting smashed in each of their 3-games.

The Force have conceded 126 points in their 3-games against New-Zealand teams until this far thus, the Force is leaking 42 points per game. This speaks volumes about the Western Force defence, simply put they have no defence!

The Force simply can’t compete with New-Zealand teams on attack, thus their defence got carved up in every game and we expect the same against the Western Force’s round 7 fixture against the Crusaders.


The Crusaders are coming of a 2-match South African tour winning each of their 2 fixtures against the Sharks and Lions, which is absolutely superb.

If you watched the Crusaders against the Lions last week you would have noticed how the Crusaders started clicking and playing as a team.

Kieran Read is starting to show glimpses of his 2013 form, while crusaders winger, Nemani Nadolo, runs over anything in front of him.

We said it before and we will say it again, the Crusaders have one hell of a line-up.

All aspects of the Crusaders game is currently functioning well, they have a strong scrum, and their lineout is absolutely superb, having perhaps the best maul in the entire competition!

Furthermore the Crusaders are currently the 3rd best defensive team in the tournament thus, there is no way the Force will be able to break through the Crusaders defensive line, on the other side of the equation you have the Western Force who is 3rd LAST on defence with a tackle success rate of only 80%. Simply put the Force miss 2 out of every 10 tackles! See why we say the Crusaders will carve the Force up in their round 7 fixture?

Rugby Betting’s Round 7 Prediction Force vs Crusaders:

What the Bookmakers Are Saying

This is where the money comes in!

The Crusaders are on offer at a very generous odds of @1.25 from Sportsbet Australia, click here to bet now and claim your generous signup bonus

Those hoping for the impossible can get the Force at odds of @3.75, which is much too short in our opinion.

Rugby Bettings Recommended Bet

We said here is money to be made on this match, and there is!  If you read our Super Rugby preview last week you would have noticed we made a LARGE bet on the Crusaders for a straight win at small odds of @1.50 and we will apply the same strategy in the Crusaders round 7 fixture.

Bet as much as you can on the Crusaders for a straight win at odds of @1.25

Saturday matches to follow soon

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